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CLEAN-UP Version 9.30 V117
Copyright (C) 1990 - 1994 by McAfee Associates
All rights reserved.

Documentation by Aryeh Goretsky.

McAfee Associates, Inc. (408) 988-3832 office
2710 Walsh Avenue, Suite 200 (408) 970-9727 fax
Santa Clara, CA 95051-0963 (408) 988-4004 BBS (25 lines)
U.S.A USR HST/v.32/v.42bis/MNP1-5
CompuServe GO MCAFEE
InterNet [email protected]
America Online MCAFEE


SYNOPSIS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2
- What is CLEAN-UP?
- System Requirements

AUTHENTICITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2
- Verifying the integrity of CLEAN-UP

WHAT'S NEW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
- New features and viruses added in this release

OVERVIEW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
- General description of CLEAN-UP

OPERATION and OPTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
- How to use CLEAN-UP, detailed explanation of switches

EXAMPLES . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
- Samples of frequently-used options

REGISTRATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
- How to register CLEAN-UP

TECH SUPPORT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
- Information to have ready when calling for tech support

APPENDIX A . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
- Foreign language support for CLEAN-UP

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CLEAN-UP Version 9.30V117 Page 2


CLEAN-UP (CLEAN) is a virus disinfection program for IBM PC
and compatible computers. CLEAN searches through the partition
table, boot sector, or files of a PC to remove viruses specified
by the user. In most instances, CLEAN repairs infected areas
of the system, restoring them to their pre-infected state.
CLEAN removes all viruses identified by the current version of
VIRUSCAN. CLEAN can also remove new or unknown viruses using
recovery information stored by SCAN [See VIRUSCAN's
documentation for details].
CLEAN runs on any PC with 480Kb and DOS 2.00 or above.


CLEAN performs a self-test when run. If CLEAN has been
modified in any way, a warning will be displayed. However,
CLEAN is still able to remove viruses. If CLEAN reports it
has been damaged, a new, undamaged copy should be obtained.
CLEAN is packaged with VALIDATE, a program to check
the integrity of CLEAN.EXE. The VALIDATE.DOC file explains
its usage. The VALIDATE program distributed with CLEAN may
be used to check new versions for tampering or damage.

The validation results for Version 116 should be:


CLEAN.EXE 197,445 7-15-1994 M1: CDCF M2: 1E1A

If your copy of CLEAN.EXE differs, it may have been modified.
Always obtain CLEAN from a known source. The latest version of
CLEAN and validation data can be obtained from McAfee
Associates' BBS at (408) 988-4004, from the McAfee Virus Help
Forum on CompuServe (GO MCAFEE), by anonymous ftp from the
mcafee.COM site on the Internet, and from the McAfee area on
America Online.

All of McAfee Associates' programs are archived with
Version 2.04g of PKWare's PKZIP Authentic File Verification.
When unzipped with Version 2.04g of PKWare's PKUNZIP program,
an "-AV" will be displayed after each file is unzipped and an
"Authentic files Verified! # FZW807 McAFEE ASSOCIATES" will
appear once all files are unzipped.

NOTE: If you do not receive the Authentic File Verification
messages, you may be using a different version of
PKUNZIP, such as V1.10 or 1.93A. Use PKUNZIP Version
2.04g to unzip files if you wish to have Authenticity
Verification displayed as files are unzipped.

CLEAN-UP Version 9.30V117 Page 3


Version 116 adds identification of all viruses detected
by the current version of VIRUSCAN.

CLEAN displays messages in English (default); refer to
APPENDIX C for information on displaying messages in other

Please refer to the enclosed VIRLIST.TXT file for a short
description of the new viruses. For more detailed descriptions,
please refer to Patricia Hoffman's virus summary listing (VSUM).


CLEAN searches the system for viruses to remove. When an
infected file is found, CLEAN isolates and removes the virus and
in most cases repairs the infected file and restores it to
normal operation. If the file is infected with an uncommon
virus, CLEAN displays a warning message asking whether to
overwrite and delete the infected file. Erased files are non-
Before running CLEAN, verify the infection with VIRUSCAN.
SCAN will locate and identify the virus and provide the I.D.
code used by CLEAN. The I.D. is displayed inside the square
brackets, "[" and "]." For example, the I.D. code for the
Jerusalem virus is displayed as "[Jeru]". This I.D. must
be used with CLEAN to remove the virus. The square brackets
"[" and "]" MUST be included.
If SCAN finds an unknown virus in a file that has had
validation or recovery data stored for it, it will warn that an
infection has occurred. It will not, however, display an I.D.

NOTE: When CLEAN is run with the /GENERIC or /GRF options
to disinfect files or system areas based on recovery
information stored by SCAN, no I.D. code should be

Please refer to the VIRUSCAN documentation for instructions
in adding recovery information to your system.

CLEAN-UP Version 9.30V117 Page 4

Listed below are the viruses that CLEAN-UP is capable of
repairing and restoring the infected programs or system areas:
555 592 644 696
730 748 855 1008
1024 1139 1241 1253
1339 1554 1575*+ 1757
1992 2014 2560 2878
2936 4096*+ Air Cop* Alabama+
Alameda Antitelefonica Athens Azusa
Barrotes Barrotes 2 Beeper Black Monday+
Bloody! Boat Boys Bubonic
Cansu Cartuja Cascade*+ Chemnitz
Chile Mediera Chinese Blood Coahuila Creeper
Curse Dark Avenger*+ DataLock+ December 28+
Devil's Dance Dir-2 Disk Killer* Dodo2
EDV* Empire* Enigma EXEBug1
EXEBug2 Fellowship+ Filler Fish+
Flash Flip*+ Form Ganeu
Generic Boot Generic MBR Ghost Green Caterpillar
Haifa Holocausto Invader*+ Invisible Man
Irish_3 James Bond Jerusalem*+ Joshi
KeyPress*+ Khobar Korea* Lazy
Lehigh Liberty+ Lisbon* Little Girl2
Little Girl3 Loa Duong Loren M128
Maltese Amoeba Mardi Bro.'s Math Test Michelangelo
Monkey Mosquito Multi-2 Murphy*+
Music Bug Nomenclature Pakistani Brain*Paradise
Pegg Perfume Ping Pong* Plastique*+
Possessed Print Screen-2* R-11+ SBC
Slayer Slow+ Spanish Holiday Stoned*
Striker+ Sunday+ Sunday2+ SVC+
Taiwan 3+ Taiwan 4+ Tecla Tequila
Thriller Tokyo Topo Traceback/3066
Troi Tuesday Typo Boot Unbx
V800 V-801 VACSINA*+ Vienna*
Violator*+ VirDem Viva Mexico Volkov
XTAC Whale*+ Yankee Doodle*+ ZeroBug
*Denotes virus with more than one strain
+Denotes virus which attaches to overlays

files when they infect them if the .EXE file loads overlays
internally. CLEAN will truncate sich files when cleaning
them. If a file no longer runs after being cleaned, replace
it from the original disk or virus-free backups.

Removing a partition table virus such as the Stoned virus
can cause loss of the partition table on systems partitioned
with third-party disk partition programs. As a precaution, back
up all critical data before running CLEAN. Loss of the partition
table can result in the LOSS OF ALL DATA ON THE DISK.
CLEAN-UP Version 9.30V117 Page 5



Power down the infected system and boot from a clean,
write-protected system-bootable diskette. This insures that the
virus is not in system memory and prevents reinfection. After
cleaning, power down the PC, boot from the system disk, and run
VIRUSCAN to ensure the system has been successfully disinfected.
After cleaning the hard disk, copy the SCAN and CLEAN programs
on to it and check all floppy disks that have been in
contact with the system.

CLEAN displays the name of infected files or system areas,
the virus found, and reports a "successful" disinfection for
each virus removed. If a file has multiple infections, CLEAN
will report the virus has been removed successfully for each

Select valid options for CLEAN-UP from the list below:

CLEAN {drive(s)} [virus I.D.] {options}
`---- NOTE: The square brackets "[" and "]"
are required around the I.D. code.

Options are:

{drives} - indicate drive(s) to be cleaned

[virus I.D.] - Virus identification code provided by
SCAN when a virus is detected (See the
VIRLIST.TXT file for a complete list.)

/A - Check all files for viruses
/AD{x} - Clean all drives {L = Local, N = Network}
/GENERIC - Clean unknown viruses
(see below for specifics)
/GRF {filename} - Clean unknown viruses using recovery
data file {filename}
/MANY - Check multiple disks for viruses
/NOEXPIRE - Do not display expiration notice
/NOPAUSE - Disable screen prompting
/REPORT {fname} - Create report file {fname}

CLEAN-UP Version 9.30V117 Page 6

/A - This option checks all files on the drive(s) scanned and
also examines a greater portion of files. This substantially
increases the amount of time required to check disks and also
increases CLEAN's ability to detect viruses infecting overlay
files. It is recommended this switch only be used when an
overlay-infecting virus is found.

/AD{x} - This option cleans all drives of viruses. If /ADL
is used, all local drives are checked, including compressed
drives and CD-ROM's. If /ADN is used, all networked drives
are checked. To clean local and network drives, use /AD by

/GENERIC - This option is used to clean files or system areas
that have been infected with a new (unknown) virus. For
/GENERIC to work, recovery information must have been stored
prior to infection by VIRUSCAN's /AG option. No virus I.D. code
is required when using the /GENERIC switch.

/GRF {filename} - This option is used to clean files or system
areas that have been infected by a new (unknown) virus. For
/GRF to work, recovery data and validation codes must have been
saved by VIRUSCAN's /AF option to {filename}. No virus I.D.
code is required when using the /GRF switch.

/MANY - This option is used to clean multiple disks placed in
the same drive. If you have more than one floppy disk to check
for viruses, the /MANY option allows you to check them without
running CLEAN multiple times.

/NOEXPIRE - This option disables a warning message that CLEAN
displays after seven months warning that it may no longer be
current with respect to known viruses.

/NOPAUSE - This option disables the "More? (H = Help)" prompt
displayed when CLEAN fills up a screen with 24 lines of text.
This allows CLEAN to be run on PC's with severe infections
without user assistance.

/REPORT {filename} - This option saves the output of CLEAN to
{filename} in ASCII text format. If {filename} exists, CLEAN
will erase it and create a new report

CLEAN-UP Version 9.30V117 Page 7


The following examples show different option settings:

To remove the Jerusalem virus from drives C:, D:, and
E:, searching all files for the virus

To remove the Stoned virus from the disk in drive A:

To remove the Dark Avenger virus from subdirectory
MORGAN on drive C:, searching all files for the virus

To remove the Yankee Doodle virus from drive B: and
create a report named YNKINFCT.TXT on drive C:

To remove an unknown virus from drive C: using
recovery data stored by SCAN's /AG option.

To remove an unknown virus from drives C: and D: using
recovery data stored by SCAN's /AF option.

CLEAN-UP Version 9.30V117 Page 8


A registration fee of US$35.00 is required for the use of
CLEAN-UP by individual home users. Registration entitles the
holder to unlimited free upgrades from McAfee Associates' BBS,
CompuServe Forum, and Internet node as well as technical
support for one year. When registering, a diskette containing
the latest version may be requested for an additional US$9.00.
Only one diskette mailing will be made.
Registration is for home users only and does not apply to
businesses, corporations, organizations, government agencies, or
schools, which must obtain a license for use. Contact McAfee
Associates directly or an Authorized Agent for more information.


For fast and accurate help, please have the following
information ready when you contact McAfee Associates:

ú Program name and version number.

ú Type and brand of computer, hard disk, plus any

ú Version of DOS plus any TSRs or device drivers in use.

ú Printouts of your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files.

ú A printout of what is in memory from the MEM command
(DOS 4 and above users only) or a similar utility.

ú The exact problem you are having. Please be as
specific as possible. Having a printout of the
screen and/or being at your computer will be helpful.

McAfee Associates can be contacted by BBS, CompuServe, FAX, or
InterNet 24 hours a day, or by telephone at (408) 988-3832,
Monday through Friday, 7:00AM to 5:30PM Pacific Time.

McAfee Associates, Inc. (408) 988-3832 office
2710 Walsh Avenue, Suite 200 (408) 970-9727 fax
Santa Clara, CA 95051-0963 (408) 988-4004 BBS (25 lines)
U.S.A USR HST/v.32/v.42bis/MNP1-5
CompuServe GO MCAFEE
Internet [email protected]
America Online MCAFEE

If you are overseas, there may be an Authorized McAfee Associates
Agent in your area. Please refer to the AGENTS.TXT file for a
listing of McAfee Associates Agents for support or sales.

CLEAN-UP Version 9.30V117 Page 9


CLEAN-UP can display messages in a foreign language by
reading in a replacement set of messages from an external
file named MCAFEE.MSG. When the MCAFEE.MSG file is placed in
the same directory as the CLEAN.EXE file, CLEAN will display
messages from the foreign language module instead of displaying
messages in English (American). Currently, French and Spanish
message files come bundled with CLEAN-UP, FRENCH.MSG and

To use a foreign language module, rename it to MCAFEE.MSG
and place it in the same directory as the CLEAN.EXE file. When
CLEAN-UP is run, it will check for the MCAFEE.MSG file and use it,
if found.

NOTE: Using a foreign language module increases CLEAN-UP's memory
requirements by the size of the foreign language file (typically
15 to 25Kb).

Support for other languages such as Chinese, French (Canadian),
Hungarian, Norwegian, Russian, and Swahili are planned. Contact your
local McAfee Associates Authorized Agent or McAfee Associates
directly for availability.

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