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-= MEMCHK & CHKMEM =- Display RAM statistics programs

MEMCHK.PAS - Version 1.00 01/21/89
Version 1.01 09/02/90

CHKMEM.BAS - Version 1.00 09/02/90
Version 1.01 09/07/90 - Error in detemining DOS version.

(C) Copyright 1989, 1990 by William D. Hileman
Route 3, Box 467
Trenton, FL 32693
(904) 463-1680

and Knowledge Applied Technologies, Inc.
502 NW 75th Street, Suite #214
Gainesville, FL 32607

Released to the Public Domain for distribution free of charge.
The user is welcome to freely distribute this software, provided it
is distributed in its original form, and that there is no compensation
for the distribution.

Memchk and chkmem are similar to DOS's CHKDSK command, only they do no
checking of disk information. They only display RAM memory information.
This allows for quiker response than CHKDSK, especially on a large hard

MEMCHK is the PASCAL version and CHKMEM is the BASIC version.

Memchk was compiled with the BCD version of Turbo Pascal version 3.0.
It employs the FORM function, and therefore changes to remove the FORM
function would be necessary for it to compile under the standard 3.0 TP
compiler. I have the latest version (5.5) of Turbo Pascal, but don't
use it very much, so I'm not sure what changes would be necessary to
compile this program under versions 4.0 and higher.

Chkmem was written in Microsoft BASIC Version 7.0 using Crescent
Software's P.D.Q. libraries. It should compile under older versions of
BASIC, however the CALL INTERRUPT will probably need to be changed.

I ask for no donations for my software, I write programs for a living
eight hours (plus) a day, and do these because I enjoy it. These are my
small contributions to the public domain, mostly dedicated to the numerous
sysops I've encountered who feel no sacrifice in donating their priceless
time, effort, and equipment for our usage. If you do find one of my
programs interesting or useful, or have an objective criticism, by all
means, please drop me a line. I'd rather receive comments on my programs
than a few dollars contribution any day!

Look for my other public domain software:

IBC.ZIP - A one to four-player simulation game.
TAB2SPC.ZIP - Utility to expand TAB characters in text files
ADDNUMS.ZIP - Utility to insert line numbers in a BASIC program
LOWCASE.ZIP - Utility to convert upper to lower case in text files.
FLASH.ZIP - Library of Turbo PASCAL routines.
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PAGEDISP.ZIP - Text slide-show maker.
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TMORE.ZIP - Like DOS's 'TYPE | MORE', but better.
ADIR.ZIP - Like DOS's DIR, but shows attributes.
PUSHPOP.ZIP - Routines to save and restore current drive & directory.

Microsoft BASIC. FLASH, and PAGEDISP, are written in Borland Turbo PASCAL
3.0. TMORE, ADIR, and PUSHPOP are written in Borland Turbo C. CHKMEM is
written in Borland Turbo PASCAL, and Microsoft BASIC 7.0 using Crescent
Software's P.D.Q. libraries. All include source, documentation, and
run-time files.

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Archive   : CHKMEM11.ZIP
Filename : CHKMEM.DOC

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