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Word Perfect 5.0 filter upgrade for Xerox Ventura Publisher 2.0

This disk contains an upgraded Word Perfect 5.0 filter (WDPERF5.LOD) which
allows extended characters (above 128) in Word Perfect 5.0 text files to be
imported into Xerox Ventura Publisher 2.0. The current filter does not
import characters above 128 and some of the original text is lost.

To install the filter:
o Insert the floppy disk into the A: drive
o At the A:\> prompt, type INSTALL C or INSTALL D
where C D E ... is the hard disk drive containing the \VENTURA
o The installation batch file copies the WDPERF5.LOD file from the
floppy disk into the \VENTURA subdirectory and overwrites the
existing Word Perfect 5.0.
o Remove the floppy disk from the A: drive and store it in a safe place.
o If you are installing this filter onto a network server version of
Xerox Ventura Publisher 2.0, please read the README.NET file.

You can now use Xerox Ventura Publisher to import Word Perfect 5.0 text files

that contain ASCII characters above 128.