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}{ Lvl is a level -- that is a heading level. Bx is a box -- that is one of the wide cells into which text will be inserted.N€L Grp is a group of boxes appearing under a single box in the previous level Ñ WidLvl, &ß$ RowType = 0 even, 1 odd, 2 Double,  BxPastLvl,   CurGrp, ' BxRmnCurGrp 8 PrmLvl,  F EndLvl, 
T MaxBx,  a CurLvl, 
o BxCurGrp,  GrpCurLvl,   BxCurLvl*ž( CurBx (box # where text will appear),  Ë
CurCell, Ú BxText$(), ë BxInGrp(),  ü CtBx, 
 BxSubGrp()æ/0MaxBx GrpCurLvlBxCurLvlBxInGrpBxText$CurLvlchart$midgl$odd$even$outline$BxSubGrp GrpSubLvlBxSubLvlPrmLvlEndLvlTailsSupTailsÖØMAINâ Checks for macro windowÿ"/  'Command not available in a macro window
G *byeRZKnp˜ outlinefile$ vµoutline$ z ÐPã .fDirty ö o$ z  !/o$\4# o$ mo$o$/o$\P "W .fCancel 0i 13 Save changes to o$?#
¡ 3¬ /o$.Æ GÓ  Û /savedlg4Hù >savedlg ?savedlg 2 .fCancel  J  S Hsavedlg k v € .fDirty ’ 3› .fCancel ° 3¹ 1Æ fCancel*byeáCéA Gets current selection, inserts bookmark, sets PrmLvl to current/`,< startheres  starthere ‰ ’K © PrmLvl ¶ ¼ PrmLvl LÖ s  starthereû Defines dialogO?å¨&; g

Paper Size ` Rsize#t i
([&Letter" iu(PLe&galÆ iÓ(5A&4ì i(5&B5 e` u- f`-u)M h
Outline Rangey R’$Ž i h[&All!¶ i€K&From!Þ g3„K&Fromþ Qk€Eº  g»„&To?  Qà€E»'_  h@T•L OrientationŠ  RK%¥  iMhu &Portrait&Ó  iM€€
6 Turns Range on if there is an outline level selection K
dlg’ *q
PrmLvldlgº kPrmLvl
?dlg *byeÇ
 Error Checking for dialogè
6Searching for beginning dlg’ !  dlgº dlg» H  dlgº 1Z  dlg» 9j  *nocheckz   ƒ  dlgº dlgº 1 ª  dlg» dlg» 9Í  ,-*oneOá  dlgºdlgº dlg +( »dlg» P one ,-*?h   6Invalid outline range. Number must be between 1 and 9@«  dlgºdlgº ç  /%f%fû    

 .start$ dlg»}
 .dlg» dlgº–
 .dlgº start$¯
 Sets range of outline values%ì
 .PrmLvl dlgº .EndLvl HiLvl'# dlg»EndLvl&G .EndLvl dlg»h q 
wnocheck .PrmLvl ’ .EndLvl HiLvl§¯HiLvl D  
 *bye42 Finds the first occurrence/first inside selectionVPrmLvl
L:x   ShowHeadingnkEndLvlú¹ \†  \startofsel%á § headingkPrmLvl! Z˜ Ú Ì vF ž 8\sel starthere 8\sel starthere  8\sel starthere 
á Gô ×   ž>*  Prime heading at levelkPrmLvl
not found. k *byew € † =” F¤¬® Sets the primeÂs  starthereæè Removes autonumbering fields
hZ˜ autonumÚ  H lookagain Tžm \†  \startofsel• 9  r j 
Ó ÊÎ ÷ \†  starthere  % ×3 ×A * lookagainS \d
f Confirms\†  starthere˜r)¸ .start$ lr...ç 2í .start$ lrr'/.fCancel ¬@13 "About to create chart using levelskPrmLvl tokEndLvl, using j"start$j"  as the prime. Continue?ï3i÷  aTo change the prime, exit dialog, select the desired paragraph for the prime, and run macro again d *againq3y .fCancel 3—1£fCancel*bye½?¿= searches for next occurrence of same heading level, sets end6Searching for ending"-§ headingkPrmLvl^Z˜ Ú Ì  ž© =· EÀ !LEndLvlà Eê "ñ F  H \† \para9As endherecÃt\†  starthere™s range¹» Sets maximums, glossariesÚdlgsize ð .odd$ B5odd- .even$ B5even- .midgl$ B5mid-6 < .odd$ odd-P .even$ even-f .midgl$ mid-|„dlgK ¡ .odd$ odd$l¹ .even$  even$lÔ .midgl$ midgl$lð .MaxBx  dlgsize  .odd$ legalodd1 .even$  legalevenL .midgl$ legalmidg .MaxBx y ‚ ˆ .odd$ odd$p  .even$  even$p» .midgl$ midgl$p× .MaxBx  èðò Checking for widest level
Ñoutline$$6Checking outline dataC.fCancel *T#CurLvl EndLvl$PrmLvl%€ CheckCurLvl |œ  Too many entries at levelkCurLvl
. Maximum iskMaxBx$. Check paper size and orientation. .fCancel / .CurLvl PrmLvlJ S BxCurLvl BxPastLvlr .WidLvl CurLvl‰ ’ . BxPastLvl BxCurLvl­&³fCancel*bye!ÍCheckWidLvl `ì  Too many groups at levelkWidLvl
. Maximum iskMaxBx 
I *byeT\7^  ShowHeadingnkEndLvlúž\†  starthere/Ã.start$ lrrü Set paper size, template©*R  outlinefile$ Q6Beginning chart constructionwchart$  z‘i> < D Ñ
àÙë13dlgsize3  w dh 3% w d h T;3C w R h HX3` w  h âu1 ƒdlgK"œ šF hG wÓ á "ç šF wG hÓ , 5.7šK $L $K dlgKÓ Ÿ¡G²^ odd$Í^ midgl$ê;ô#E #CtBx $ø?
MaxBx 4  !? & E 4start$"T t! $ %  — " ª \† \cellË < Õ t% ô ö .SupTails "#!#CurLvl PrmLvl$EndLvl8! )Extract G! )BuildT!&!Z! Organization chart completed!bye‡!outline$
Ñoutline$,±! startheres  starthere þ! ("endheres endhere P" &Y"ranges range  ¤"€fDirtyµ"¾" À"HiLvlÐ"s tempï"ý"#i  $%# G/(# § headingkiZ˜  n#Ú Ì ‹# ž¥# HiLvl i ²# i »# Ä#&Ê#\† tempê#s temp $ $ "$Extract/$ Begin extractionBE$6-Extracting information from outline for levelkCurLvl
‹$Ñoutline$;ž$   ShowHeadingnkCurLvlúà$\† endhere%= %F%BxCurLvl -%BxCurGrp ;% GrpCurLvl J%!8\sel startheres% L CurLvlB•% .BxText$BxCurLvl lrr!Û% .BxCurLvl BxCurLvl!ú% .BxCurGrp BxCurGrp& L CurLvl*C& .BxInGrp GrpCurLvl BxCurGrph& .BxCurGrp #|& . GrpCurLvl  GrpCurLvl&  ¦& E±& FÁ&"Ç&É&CurLvl EndLvl*bye:ë&  ShowheadingnkCurLvl ,'ú2'\†  starthere&W'#count BxCurLvl$%4' § headingkcurlvlZ˜  Ê'Ú Ì ç' Fò' LCurLvl ( BxSubGrpcount -(  4( BxSubGrpcount K( T( E]( ×j(&p(byev(((Checkn”(BxCurLvl 6¢(   ShowHeadingnknúß(\† endhere)=)!8\selrange
9) L n!V) .BxCurLvl BxCurLvlu)  ~) E‰)")‘) If too many entriesª)BxCurLvlMaxBxÄ) Check %Ð)BxCurLvlMaxBx ÷) Check * ** *Build&*!(* insert glossaries, position IP L*Ñchart$4]*6Constructing levelkCurLvl of chart–*H¥*^ midgl$Â*^ midgl$ß*"á* For two lines at one level case%+BxCurLvlMaxBx )+ .RowType ;+ ^ odd$W+ ^ midgl$u+ ^ even$’+ ^ midgl$ °+ ;»+ #5È+ .CurBx MaxBx BxCurLvl ó+ IsOddCurBx

, ;, #$, !0, !7<, #CurCell $
CurBx k, !x, &€,  7‡, #CurCell $
CurBx ¶, !Ã, &Ë, Ô,"Ö, For single line at a level caseû, - IsOddBxCurLvl- ^ odd$8- ^ midgl$
W- ;c- .RowType 9v- .CurBx MaxBx BxCurLvl ¥-  ¬- ^ even$Ê- ^ midgl$
é- ;õ- .RowType 9. .CurBx MaxBx BxCurLvl 7. @. #M. RowType c. !o. !{. !„. #CurCell $
CurBx£. !¯. &¶.!¾. Fill box with text, border boxâ. GrpCurLvl ù. . GrpCurLvl !
/ .BxInGrp BxCurLvl)/1/.CurGrp  GrpCurLvl&M/. BxRmnCurGrp BxInGrpCurGrp%p/#CtBx BxCurLvl$%—/  BxRmnCurGrp±/ 4BxText$CtBx&É/ t! $ %  0" !0 Create tail!20 BxSubGrpCtBx
Q0 \† \cellu0 <‚0 t% +¤0 RowType IsOddCurBx Í0 < Û0 !é0 t%  1 <1 t%  =1 $H1 .TailsCtBx "+j1 RowType IsOddCurBx “1 ; Ÿ1 ; «1 ¶1 ;Á1 Ë1 Create downstemà1 \† \cell2 ;
2 t% 0.2 RowType IsOddCurBx[2 ; f2 !u2 t% —2 ;¢2 t% Ä2 Î2 create upstemAá2  BxRmnCurGrp BxInGrpCurGrp 3 ;B$3 RowTypeIsOddBxInGrpCurGrp"e3 t% #‡3! connect upstem to down of parent­3 CurTail "*Ç3 CurTailSupTailsCurGrp8î3 #tailct CurTail$SupTailsCurGrp
4 !/4 t! Q4 &8[4 #tailct CurTail$SupTailsCurGrp
4 "œ4 &*¦4 CurTailSupTailsCurGrp?Ñ4 #tailct CurTail$SupTailsCurGrp% 5 t! 
.5 "=5 &?G5 #tailct CurTail$SupTailsCurGrp%
‚5 !‘5 & ›5 B¦5 RowTypeIsOddBxInGrpCurGrp!ç5 <ô5 /þ5- position IP for next, create cross connector06  BxRmnCurGrp  K6 !Z6 RowType

s6 ! ƒ6 Ž6 CurGrp *quit"¯6 .CurGrp  CurGrp+Ì6 . BxRmnCurGrp BxInGrpCurGrpò6   ú6 ! 7 t! )7 RowType

B7 !R7 t!  s7 (~7 . BxRmnCurGrp  BxRmnCurGrp¤7 ®7 <*º7 RowType IsOddCurBx â7 ! ñ7 <8 
8 .CurBx CurBx#8  *8 CurGrp *quitJ8 .CurGrp CurGrp*e8 . BxRmnCurGrp BxInGrpCurGrpŠ8 .CtBx CtBx¡8 ª8&°8quit1·8/ transfer current level variables to past levelë8#CtBx $ÿ8 .BxSubGrpCtBx ,9 .SupTailsCtBx TailsCtBx;9 .TailsCtBx Q9&W9`9b9IsOddn u9n†9 IsOdd ”9 š9 IsOdd ¦9®9¼9¾9À9
l€¼OrgChartInstructions NO ;Vl¼OrgChartInstructions 0 *Byeû   {Type an outline representing the structure of the Org Chart into the current document. You may have only one entry in the j" heading 1j"5 style or at the 1st outline level in your Org Chart.Org Chart Instructions^Ÿ  


ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿF ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÞI:
ÿÿÿÿI:ÿÿ"Times Symbol "HelveticatempOrgChart
Org C&hart...%Zc-ñ[ñÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿD8C:I:z*‹*ÿÿOrgChartKGenerates an organizational chart using the outline of the current documentAutoOpen€
€"Ðh T¼E Æ% ž- MicrosoftLaurel B. LammersÛ¥-[email protected] -€EH‚W€V$V$$V$V$V$V$V2V2V2Vv¨VDìVìVüV.2V*W"LWLWLWLWLWLWLWLWLWNWNWNWNWNWNWNW4‚WNW$VNWNW$%

€EH€E‚E„E†EˆEŠEŒEŽEE’E”E–E˜EšEœEžE E¢E¤E¦E¨EªE¬E®E°E²E´E¶E¸EºE¼E¾EÀEÂEÄEÆEÈEÊEÌEÎEÐEÒEÔEÖEØEÚEÜEÞEàEâEäEæEèEêEìEîEðEòEôEöEùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùÖÑùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùù´Ñùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùù—’”Oš$±ÿ&<Rh ~”ªÀÖì!$.'D*Z-Ð/’”Oš$±ÿœ<ÜÈ
h  ô”4 À`LìŒx#"’”Oš0±ÿœ<ÜÈ
h  ô”4 À`LìŒx#$¸$¤)D*ä*Ð/;öEøEúEüEþEFFFFF
F FFFFFFFFFF F"F$F&F(F*F,F.F0F2F4F6F8F:FF@FBFDFFFHFJFLFNFPFRFTFVFXFZF\F^F`FbFdFfFhFjFlFnFûôôôôôôôôôôôôÛûôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôô·ûôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôô™ûô’”Oš&±ÿ&ƲRòÞ
ªJ6Övb !x##’”Oš2±ÿ&ƲRòÞ
ªJ6Övb !¢!Ž&.'Î'º,Z-Ð/’”Oš ±ÿ&<Rh ~”ªÀÖì!x# À
˜ $"¨%,)°,40¸3<7À:D>ÈA˜D(’”Oš<±ÿP¸X
˜ $"¨%x(’”Oš$±ÿ€ˆ
˜ $"¨%,)°,40¸3ˆ6)’”Oš>±ÿ€4Ôˆ <
ܐDä˜Lì Tô$¨%\&ü+°,d-3¸3l4 :À:t;AÈA˜D9ÔGÖGØGÚGÜGÞGàGâGäGæGèGêGìGîGðGòGôGöGøGúGüGþGHÜ×ÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐв××’”Oš&±ÿ€4Ôˆ <
ܐDä˜Lì Tô$¨%x(#’”Oš2±ÿ€4Ôˆ <
ܐDä˜Lì Tô$¨%\&ü+°,d-3¸3ˆ6F 
ÿÿÿÿvB5even-lB5even-pB5mid-lB5mid-pB5odd-lB5odd-peven-leven-p legalevenlegalmidlegaloddmid-lmid-podd-lodd-p0Tx”Æì@|¨æ
&X~€€€EH$€€EöEnFøFbGÔGH%&'()*"Times Symbol "Helvetica"Ðh