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Text Jumper General Info
Make your on-line documents as user-friendly as the Windows "Help" system.
Text Jumper is a slick utility which enables you to easily create HyperText
in Word for Windows. Just point and click to jump to any part of a document.
Stop scrolling line after line, page after page. Use Text Jumper to automate
references. Your documents will be easier to understand and fun to read.
From Total System Solutions, makers of the award winning Fileware and
DocuPower Winword macro collections.

Packing List
1. JUMPTEXT.DOC - Program Installer & User's Guide
2. README.TXT - this file
3. ORD_FORM.TXT - Order & Registration Form
4. CIS_ORD.TXT - 24 hour ordering on CompuServe via SWREG
5. BBS_ORD.TXT - 24 hour credit card ordering on-line on the ATD BBS
6. SERVICES.TXT - custom services info
7. FW_RLS.TXT - Fileware Press Release
8. DP_RLS.TXT - DocuPower Press Release
9. FILE_ID.DIZ - program package description
10. DESC.SDI - program package description

If any of the above files is missing, please contact
Total System Solutions immediately at 718-375-1261 (USA), or send us a
CompuServe E-Mail message at 70154,2463. Tell us what's missing, and
from what source you received your copy of this program. We will make
sure you get a complete copy of Text Jumper.

To enhance speed of installation, don't open JUMPTEXT.DOC from a floppy.
Instead, copy ALL of the above files to the SAME directory on your hard drive.
Then open the JUMPTEXT.DOC document in Word for Windows and follow the

Registration & Payment
Text Jumper costs only $14.95 US dollars (a real bargain). Payment can be made
via check, money order, credit card, on-line CompuServe registration, or
on-line BBS credit card registration. For more information, call 718-375-2997.

Attention CompuServe Users
On-line registration is available. This means you can charge payment for
Text Jumper right to your CompuServe account. No waiting! We'll send your
registration license code back to you immediately via E-Mail.
Heres how to do it:

1. Log onto CompuServe.
2. Go to the Shareware Registration Forum - GO SWREG.
3. Select "Register Shareware" from the main menu.
4. Select Registration ID from the "SEARCH BY" menu.
5. When prompted for the ID, enter 731.
6. This will bring up a description of Text Jumper.
Enter "Y" to charge payment to your CompuServe account.
7. Complete the order by answering the remaining questions when prompted.

For more details, please see the "Methods of Payment" section of JUMPTEXT.DOC.

Getting Updates
Two distribution sites always have the most recent
versions of all Total System Solutions Software. Check
these places periodically for updates:

1) the Windows Advanced Forum on CompuServe
(GO WINADV -- in the File Utilities Library)
2) The "Attention to Details" BBS: 909-681-6221
This is a free BBS. After signing on, download
Text Jumper, as well as many other fine programs.
(see the included file, BBS_ORD.TXT for more info)

Please call Total System Solutions (718-375-2997)
for version update information. Remember, interim
incremental updates are free. You can use the same
registration code to re-install ugrades.

Now The Fun Starts
Shareware lets you try BEFORE you buy... enjoy evaluating Text Jumper!

Copyright © Total System Solutions, Inc. 1992. All Rights Reserved.

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Archive   : JUMPTEXT.ZIP
Filename : README.TXT

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