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Display Utility .STY
by Mike Vore
5492 Mystic Ct.
Columbia, MD 21044

Copyright (c) 1988

DUSTY is offered as SHAREWARE rather than Public Domain software.
Other programs that have similar capabilities may be offered for a lot
more money. All I ask is that you help defray the costs of my
producing and updating DUSTY. If you like and use DUSTY, please
register your copy for a nominal $35. Registration will entitle you
to receive one update and news of other products. The registration
form is in the back of this documentation.


VENTURA PUBLISHER ,(c) Xerox Corp., (VP), one of the more popular
DeskTop Publishing programs, uses Style Sheets to keep the information
regarding the format of documents to be typeset. These Style Sheets

are encoded so that they cannot be easily deciphered. It is also time-
consuming to load VP and look at various Style Sheets to see if which
is the proper one. DUSTY solves these problems by presenting the user
with a report of most of the available parameters. Options include
routing the report to the printer for ready reference and producing a
Brief report which only lists the names of the paragraph tags.


DUSTY is simple to use. Copy the program to the desired disk and sub-
directory (normally the sub-directory where all the .STY files are
kept or a sub-directory included in the DOS PATH). Then enter DUSTY at
the DOS prompt. The opening screen will appear and you will be asked
for the name of the file to examine. (If no extension is entered then
a file extension of .STY is assumed by default.) If the file is in a
different sub-directory, include the sub-directory name. You will then
be asked to enter 'B' for a BRIEF report or 'F' for a full report.
Then you will be asked for the output destination, 'P' for the
printer, or 'S' for the screen.
DUSTY can also be run from the command line, the Print and Brief
options being input as parameters. To use DUSTY in this fashion, at
the DOS prompt enter:

DUSTY [-options] filename[.ext]
options: -p printed output
-b brief output

Some Style Sheets have 20 or more TAGS; a maximum if 128 are allowed
in VP 1.1. If the Full report is being printed, each TAG report takes
a full page, so make sure you have sufficient paper loaded.
If you are not sending the output to the printer, the data will be
presented in convenient 'screen sized' segments. You will be prompted
to press [ENTER] to continue. At the end of the PAGE data, and at the
end of each TAG data the user will given the additional options of 'R'
to recycle the current display, or 'Q' to quit the program.


A familiarity with VP is an asset when trying to interpret the output
of DUSTY. Some of the major points are: The NAME and DATE/TIME of the
STY file appear on the first page. This DATE/TIME is useful to
identify the correct copy of the file. This is followed by the .WID
file name, or a message indicating that the WID file cannot be found.
The FONT names cannot be displayed if the WID file is missing, only
font numbers will be displayed but all other information is correct.
If available, all FONT names are displayed, next is information from
the PAGE option of VP.

Although VP displays letter paper size as 8.5 x 11 for both PORTRAIT
and LANDSCAPE, DUSTY will display the size as the Width x Height
(i.e., LANDSCAPE it shows as 11 x 8.5). This applies also to other
paper sizes.

From the FRAME menu:

MARGIN & COLUMN... displays information on both Left and Right pages
even if both pages are the same.

SIZE & SCALING... information on the frame's position on the paper.

VERTICAL RULES... for both Left and Right pages the Inter-Column rules
are shown even if the dimensions are 0.000.

This completes the information on the underlying page. Following this
are pages for each of the paragraph TAGS.

From the PARAGRAPH menu:

FONT... After the file name and tag number (a sequential number
assigned by the program), DUSTY lists the tag name followed by the
point size, the FONT name, if available, number and style. The styles
are: LIGHT, NORMAL, BOLD and ITALIC. The next line shows the size of
the Indent/Outdent.

SPACING... Line spacing and the Space reserved above and below the
paragraph and are displayed.

ALIGNMENT... The alignment options shown are Left, Right, Centered,
and Justified.


BREAKS... Breaks are allowed at various places in the text and forced
at other locations. The location of the Break and its status is shown.

TAB SETTINGS... Up to 16 tab settings are allowed. The tab number and
its location is shown.

TYPOGRAPHIC CONTROLS... If Automatic Kerning has been selected DUSTY
shows it as ON. If Letter Spacing is ON, then the additional space is
indicated. The dimension here is in 'EMS'.

The last three display items are:

If the WIDTH is set to NONE, then the appropriate message appears:
--- no rules above ---
--- no rules below ---
--- no box around ---
If the WIDTH is set then the HEIGHT and LOCATION of each of the 3
available rules are displayed. At times no rules may be desired, so
the settings of the height and spaces are 0.000, but the WIDTH is set
to COLUMN, MARGIN ... etc. In this case, all settings are displayed.


WIDOWS AND ORPHANS are associated with a CHAPTER file and not recorded
in a Style Sheet. All dimensions, except for the additional space in
KERNING, is given in inches regardless of the mode of display, If you
need a copy of DUSTY with dimensions displayed in another format
(e.g., Picas and points, Centimeters), contact me for a custom copy.


All information displayed by DUSTY has been verified by comparing
output with VP (Ver. 1.0 & 1.1) Style Sheets and custom Style Sheets
made using a valid range of parameters. I have not detected any
anomalies in the output. Use DUSTY as a guide as to the contents of a



This version of DUSTY is being distributed as "shareware".
DUSTY is copyrighted (C) 1988 by Michael Vore.

Non-registered users of this software are granted a limited license to
make an evaluation copy for trial use on a private, non-commercial
basis, for the express purpose of determining whether DUSTY is
suitable for their needs. At the end of this trial period, you should
either register your copy or discontinue using DUSTY.

What does all this really mean? If you use this program -- then you
should pay for your copy. That way I'll be able to provide you
support, updates and stay in business.

All users are granted a limited license to copy DUSTY only for the
trial use of others. This license does NOT include distribution or
copying of this software package:
1. In connection with any other product or service.
2. For general use within a company or institution.
3. For any consideration or 'disk fee'.
4. In modified form, i.e., the file containing this license
information MUST be included, along with the full DUSTY documentation.

If you are the distributor of a public domain or user-supported
software library, then you may be eligible to distribute copies of
DUSTY; however, please obtain written permission from me before doing
so. Please call or write for details.


A DUSTY registration licenses you to use the product on a regular
basis. Registration includes notification of updates and telephone
support. Users need register only one version of DUSTY; registration
includes licensed use of all upgrades.

Individual registrations for DUSTY come in two forms. The first,
registration only, costs $35 and assumes you have already received a
copy of the program from whatever source. We will also send you the
next major upgrade of DUSTY when it is released. Alternatively, if
you so specify, we will send you the current version of the program on
disk for $39.00



All corporate, business, government or other commercial users of DUSTY
must be registered. Corporate or site licensing is also available.

Please call or write for quantity discount pricing.

Please use the enclosed order form when placing an order.

ORDERS OUTSIDE THE US: Please make checks drawn on US banks in US
Educational institutions and full-time students can apply a 20%
discount on all prices. PLEASE include your educational institution
letter head (with your title) or a photo-copy of your most recent
registration slip along with any other relevant information.

Please direct all inquiries to:
Michael Vore
5492 Mystic Ct.
Columbia, Md 21044



Please register my copy of DUSTY Version ____________(From opening

Enclosed is $35.00





Mail to

Michael Vore
5492 Mystic Ct.
Columbia, Md. 21044

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