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A TRUE Windowing Library For Clipper

The BREEZE library is NOT a shareware product, nor is it free
software. This is an evaluation copy of the library,
functionally it is exactly the same as the copy you will receive
when you register, however this copy displays a message on the
screen once, and only once, during the execution of a program.

To Register:

a) Send $75, you will receive the documentation in a printed
bound manual, or send $50 to receive the latest copy and
documentation on disk.
b) If you are interested in customizing this software
for your's, or your company's own purposes contact
LOGITEK at 703-486-3518 (leave message) or write to:

P.O. Box 4603
Arlington, Va 22204

Or, leave a message to the SYSOP on the LOGITEK
BBS at 703 - 450 - 7864

All registered users will get free technical support from the

Feel free to pass this evaluation copy on to as many people
as you would like.

To Register send check or money order to:
P.O. Box 4603
Arlington, Va 22204
Unfortunately Logitek cannot accept credit cards as of this time,
however, at your request we will ship the product to you COD and/or
Express Delivery.

LOGITEK is primarily a software products company,
specializing in microcomputers and primarily using 8086 assembler
and the C language. However LOGITEK is interested in any
consulting or custom software that you may require. LOGITEK
charges on an hourly basis or preferably on a fixed price basis.
No job is too small or too large for LOGITEK !

For Free information call 703 - 486 - 3518 or call the
LOGITEK BBS at 450-7864 and leave a message for the SYSOP.

Future products still in the development stage include:

- Communications Library for Clipper.

- File import/export Library

Call if you have specific needs or ideas !

The following documentation is a VERY sketchy outline of the
functions available in the BREEZE library. Arguments enclosed in
<>, are optional, and need not be included when calling the
function. However arguments must be passed in the correct order,
for example:


WSAVE WSAVE will write any window to a disk file. This
FUNCTION function along with WRESTORE allows a programmer to create
a virtual window/screen system, releasing the programmer
from the confines of memory space.

SYNTAX wsave(filename,)

WCOLOR WCOLOR changes the default color of the window, if the
FUNCTION optional is specified then all of the
attributes (colors) in a given window will be changed to
the specified color. This function will not disturb any
information that is currently in the window, it ONLY
changes the colors.

SYNTAX wcolor(color,,)

WPRINT WPRINT displays the string at the coordinates on the
FUNCTION window specified. This function ONLY prints character
data types. This function will automatically perform a
'smart' wordwrap. If the string is too large for the window
WPRINT will attempt to break the string at the nearest
space, and will return unprinted portion of the string
as the function's return value. WPRINT returns a null
character, ( "" ) if the string fits inside the window.
Additionally this function will never print a character on
in the last column of a window, this will insure that the
window's frame will never be overwritten.

SYNTAX wprint(y1,x1,str,,)

WLINE WLINE draws a single or double bar line between given
FUNCTION two coordinates on the specified window. Optional box
connector character can also be specified.

SYNTAX wline(y1,x1,y2,x2,,,,)

WCOPY WCOPY copies the selected window to another window,
FUNCTION aligning the upper left corner of the copied window with
the given coordinate on the target window.

SYNTAX wcopy(y,x,target area,)

WRELEASE WRELEASE will release a window from memory. If the window
FUNCTION is currently on the screen, the saved portion of the screen
will be lost. If no parameters are given then the current
active window will be released.

SYNTAX wrelease(,,)

WMOVETO WMOVETO copies a portion of the screen to a window.
FUNCTION The first four parameters define the area on the screen
to be copied, the sixth and seventh parameters specify the
coordinate to align the upper left corner of the moved
rectangle with. If a rectangle is larger than the window
it will be automatically clipped. WMOVETO can copy a portion
of ANY video page. If no parameters are specified then the
entire screen is copied to the current window area aligned on
the window coordinate 0,0.

SYNTAX wmoveto(,,)

WSHIFT WSHIFT moves a window that is currently on the screen, one
FUNCTION column or row in any direction.

SYNTAX wshift(direction,,)

WROW WROW returns the number of rows, the heigth, of
FUNCTION a window.

SYNTAX wrow()

WROWSCR WROWSCR returns the current screen coordinate of the
FUNCTION window.

SYNTAX wrowscr()

WFIND WFIND will return the next free window select area, optionall
FUNTION starting its search at the select area specified, this argument
defaults to select area one.

SYNTAX wfind()

WEXIST WEXIST returns true if the specified select area is in use,
FUNCTION otherwise it returns false. Select area defaults to current
window select area.

SYNTAX wexist()

ZOOM ZOOM turns the zoom function on/off for the specified window.

SYNTAX zoom(y1,x1,y2,x2,color,freq,delay,factor)

DELAY DELAY delays the program for the specified number of timer
FUNCTION 'tics'. A timer tic is machine independent and is equal
to approximately 55ms.

SYNTAX delay(tics)

SHADE SHADE clears the specified area and uses shade characters
FUNCTION around the right and bottom edges to give the rectangle
a 3-D look.

SYNTAX shade(y1,x1,y2,x2,color1,color2,width)

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