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The following files should be contained in the archive called
VSIX711.LZH. If any of these files are missing or other files
have been added, please contact me at the following address

Vernon E. Six, Jr.
c/o FrontLine Software
2908 Forest Hollow Lane #2329
Arlington, Texas 76006
Ph: 214/283-3282 - Voice
Ph: 817/695-0058 - BBS

CompuServe: 72240,3122
Bix: vsix
FidoNet: 1:124/4003.0

Filename.Ext Description
------------ -----------------------------------------------
COMPILE BAT Batch file for compiling your Clipper programs (MS-Link)
MAKEDEMO BAT Batch file to compile VERNDEMO.PRG (Clipper Summer 87)
MAKEDEM5 BAT Batch file to compile VERNDEMO.PRG (Clipper v5.00)
README BAT Batch file to read information file (this file)
READ COM Program to read information file (this file)
DBF_DICT DBF Sample database dictionary (used by VERNDEMO.PRG)
SAMPLE DBF Sample database to be used with VERNDEMO.PRG
NTX_DICT DBF Sample index dictionary (used by VERNDEMO.PRG)
CHANGES DOC History of releases (changes since previous releases)
VERNSIX LIB Shareware version of library (Clipper Summer 87)
VERNSIX5 LIB Shareware version of library (Clipper v5.0)
ERRORSYS LZH Error Handler Source Code (Clipper Summer 87)
VERNSIX NG Norton Guides (tm) database of VERNSIX.DOC
READ ME Information file (this file)
VERNDEMO PRG Demonstration program (both Clipper Summer 87 & v5.0)
------------ -----------------------------------------------