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Erin version 1.0

Functions for Clipper.

Your disk should have the following files:

erin doc 2,789 6-18-87 12:00p
erin obj 8,289 6-18-87 12:00p
erin prg 16,493 6-18-87 12:00p
erin sum 2,622 6-18-87 12:00p
erindemo obj 6,374 6-18-87 12:00p
erindemo prg 4,746 6-18-87 12:00p
getwin obj 823 6-18-87 12:00p
putwin obj 660 6-18-87 12:00p
soff5 obj 760 6-18-87 12:00p
vid_move obj 284 6-18-87 12:00p

This file.

ERIN.PRG compiled to use Rettig's library. The program file can be
modified so that Rettig's library is not required. This process is
explained in the source code.

The source for the various functions.

Quick summary of the functions.

Compiled demo program, can be used regardless of the version of ERIN
you have.

Source code for the demo program.

Various object files required by ERIN to work properly. These are
assembled 8088 programs.

Following is a list of the functions:

COUNTSTR - Counts the number of substrings in a source.
INSECRET - Input secret information.
MAKEFILE - Create a database file according to array contents.
MAKETIME - Try to decipher a time.
MINTOSTR - Convert minutes to a time string.
OPTION - Display a window to select an option from an array.
PARSESTR - Parses out a specified element from a string.
QSORT - Sorts an array.
SPACEFILL - Space fills a source string.
STRTOMIN - Convert time string to minutes.
ZEROFILL - Fills a number with leading zeros.

More complete documentation is contained in ERIN.PRG

You may modify and use these programs in anyway that is helpful.
I expect no compensation, just recognition in my daughter's name.
An example might be to put a comment like this in your code:

** ERIN functions - Erin Hassell.

This may seem silly, but its one of those emotional things, without
her I wouldn't be much of anything.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please write. If I receive
your name and address, I will send you the latest version for free and
register your name for any other updates for free; but, please write
a comment or two on your card, I would like to make user-suggested

Before August 1, 1987 After August 1, 1987

Joel G. Hassell Joel G. Hassell
428 W. First St. 14304 Edgemont Acres
Tustin, CA 92680 Sonora, CA 95370

Note: The G in the middle name distinguishes me from my son, so
please include it or I might not get the letter for weeks.

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Archive   : UDFS1.ZIP
Filename : ERIN.DOC

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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