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Tom Rettig's Library: Dbase Edition
Advanced Programmer's Library, Version 1.20, October 22, 1990


This is the same software (including source code) that sold
thousands of copies at $99.95 since its release in October, 1986.
All rights to all programs, except Tom Rettig's HELP software, were
released into the Public Domain by Tom Rettig Associates on October
22, 1990. You may use this code in any way you like. You may make
unlimited copies for any purpose, distribute them, and post them on
Bulletin Board Systems.

This software was the first third-party library developed for
Clipper, FoxBASE+, and dBASE III PLUS. In 1988, it won Data
Based Advisor magazine's award for "Best Dbase Add-on Library."
In 1990, it won DBMS magazine's "Readers' Choice Award" in the
Libraries category.

======================== DOCUMENTATION =========================

Tom Rettig's Library comes with electronic documentation in a
special edition of Tom Rettig's HELP, pop-up quick reference
software designed specifically to document high-level languages
like Dbase and language extensions like this Library.

Information in the TRLDB.TRH Data File is in the public
domain. The .TRH format and all parts of the TRLHELP.EXE Reader
are copyrighted and licensed to permit unlimited distribution.

========================= INSTALLATION =========================

Both the Library and its electronic documentation come on a single
diskette or downloadable TRL4DB.ZIP file containing these files:

Filename -- Contents when decompressed
READ.ME -- Same as this you are reading
TRLEXE.EXE -- Documentation, utilities, and executable TRLIB
TRLPRG.EXE -- Dbase programs (.BIN and .PRG files)
TRLSRC.EXE -- C and assembly language source code

The three .EXE files are self-decompressing ZIP files that contain
these programs:

File Programs Size Recommended Installation
------------ ------------ ------- ----------------------------
TRLEXE.EXE TRLHELP.EXE 46,190 Electronic documentation,
TRLDBASE.TRH 199,388 stand-alone utilities, and
TRLIB.EXE 86,296 the executable TRLIB belong
BITSTRIP.COM 20,748 with your other executable
FATTRIB.EXE 18,519 programs in a directory that
INDEXKEY.EXE 13,177 is already in your DOS path.
MEMHOG.COM 239 This way, you can call them
MEMORY.COM 252 from anywhere.

TRLPRG.EXE 3 BIN files 13 Dbase program files belong
141 PRG files 76,446 in your Dbase SET PATH in a
directory called \trlib.

TRLSRC.EXE 13 files 45,581 Source belongs in a separate
directory underneath \trlib
called \trlib\source.

To install these files, make your active default directory the one
in which you want the TRLIB files. Then type the .EXE file name at
the DOS prompt, specifying the drive in which the .EXE file resides.
For example, if the .EXE files are on a diskette in drive A: and you
want to install the Dbase program files on drive C in the \TRLIB

C:\> md trlib
C:\> cd trlib
C:\TRLIB> a:trlprg

The executable files from TRLEXE.EXE should be installed in an
existing directory that is in your DOS path. If you do not have
a directory you use for executable files, change your DOS path to
include \trlib and install them there.

To view your current PATH setting, use:

C:\> path

To change your current DOS PATH, use:

C:\> set path=;\trlib

Where is what you see when you looked at your
current PATH in the previous step. The semicolon adds another path
to the list, which in this case is \trlib.

If you do not want to lengthen your path list, simply install
TRLEXE.EXE into a directory that is in your current path. In this
example, assume that your executable directory is called \bin:

C:\> cd bin
C:\BIN> a:trlexe

======================== GETTING STARTED ========================

Type TRLHELP at the DOS prompt to load the pop-up TRHELP software.

Press Alt-F1 to read the TRHELP and TRLIB documentation.

Select Using TRLIB from the Info menu and read this very important
information before using TRLIB.

========================= REGISTRATION =========================

No registration is necessary, but if you would like information
about our commercial products and services, please send your
mailing address to:

Tom Rettig Associates
9300 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 470
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Happy programming,
Tom Rettig

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Archive   : TRL4DB.ZIP
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