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About add-ons for dBASE language environments:

BIN files are meant to be used from dBASE III Plus, FoxBASE+, or Quicksilver.
Before CALLing a BIN routine, you must LOAD it. See your manual for details.
To release a BIN routine from memory, use RELEASE MODULE . Note that
when a BIN file is loaded, there is that much less memory available for other
dBASE operations, notably RUN. RELEASE MODULE will free up memory for use of
other BIN routines, but not for other operations.

If you are using Quicksilver (optimized with QS) or Clipper, you have an option
of linking the object (OBJ) code to your application instead of using BIN files. QS-
compiled applications can use either, but if you link in OBJ code, use CCALL
(no LOAD command) instead of CALL. Clipper must use CALL (no LOAD).

To link OBJ code to a Clipper application, specify the OBJ file in the list
of files to link. For example, to link QUEUE.OBJ into a Clipper program, use:


The assembler language module(s) must not be first in the list.

To link OBJ files to Quicksilver applications, use:

QS -C!QUEUE {other switches}

...which will add QUEUE.OBJ to the linker input file generated by QS.

Commercial time:

I will distribute source code and enhancements to Synergy Utilities free
to registered users. As of this date (10/1/87), cost is $75.00
(plus $5 for a disk if you want one mailed). Registration entitles you to
use of the Synergy BBS for support, downloading of updates, source, etc.
Registered Synergy users may also make requests for specific enhancements to
utilities, or for additional utilities. In addition, certain utilities which
are not shareware are available from the BBS.

If I had enough money I would do this for nothing. In fact, I haven't made
much so far (I gotta be crazy), but I do enjoy low-level programming. If
you cannot afford to register, use my shareware utilities freely anyway. If
you can afford it, please do. This will enable me to pay the bills and devote
time to writing more and better utilities. Thanks.

Current Synergy Utils include:

CD get/set current drive/directory
ENCRYPT encrypt/decrypt strings
SRCHPATH search DOS path for file
FINDFL find all files matching a wildcard, return all directory info
NETINFO get net name (more to come)
MEMCHECK check memory free when dBASE was loaded
DIREXIST check existence of drive/directory
FSIZE get size of file(s)
CHATTR change attributes of (files)
SAT SuperAt(), find every occurrence of a substring in one CALL
HANDLES Get *true* amount of available file handles
RAND Random number generator
IN Port access
OUT Port access
LBMRD Litebars using UI's MRD.
DELAY delay specified number (and fraction) of seconds
VALDRIVE find out all valid drives on system
EQUIP find out what equipment you're running on
GETCOLOR find out what the color is on the screen now (at cursor position)
LITEBAR very fast, versatile, portable lightbar menus--also incorporates some
screen stunts such as save/restore screen, hilite/color/fill/fade
windows on screen, scroll windows left/right/up/down, etc.
SIN sine of an angle
ASIN arcsine of an angle
SINH hyperbolic sine of an angle
COSH } more trig functions
BEEP play music or honk at obnoxious users
PRTSC print the screen, even on a network
PRCHECK check printer status
PROPER capitalize first letters of words within a string
ISMEMO see if memo field exists for specified records
MEMOPACK pack memo files (COM & BIN -- in Beta now, along with other memo utils)
FRM2PRG turn FRM files into PRGs for enhancements, compilation, etc.
DIALER dial the phone w/modem
LASP return position of last space in string for word wrap routines
LAT last AT() of character within string
TIMENUM return time as a number, good for benchmarks and whatnot
TIMER similar to timenum but more versatile
CURONOFF turn cursor on and off reliably (43-line mode etc.)
DISKSPAC get diskspace on any drive, returns error for drive not ready
MONITOR find which monitors are attached to system, which is active (beta now)
BIOSM get BIOS memory count
QUEUE communicate with the DOS print queue

R. Russell Freeland
Synergy Corp.
CIS 76146,371
1780 SW 43 Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale FL, 33317


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Archive   : QUEUE.ZIP

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