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1. ListMaker A shopping and inventory list-making program.
- For re-stocking groceries, office supplies, car
parts, medical supplies, electrical or electronics
parts, etc., etc. Use your favorite editor.

3. MenuMaker A menu screen front-end for hard disks.
- Allows the non-DOS-expert to choose among the
applications available on a hard disk. Create
your menus easily using your favorite text editor.

4. Moon An astronomer's Julian day and moon phase utility.
- Generates the Julian day number and phase of moon
for any date since 4713 BC. and as far into the
future as desired. Gregorian/Julian calendar con-

5. Prim An ASCII text file printing utility for dot-matrix
- Provides a simple menu interface to allow complete
printer control in printing text files: e.g. instant-
ly select pitch, margins, page numbering, header and
footers, etc. for more attractive and effective

6. PrintSay A dBASE III/+ report code generator.
- Uses simple question-and-answer routines to gen
erate a .prg file printer report capable of full
printer control features such as pica/elite/compressed
pitch and bolded headings. The .prg code may be
further customized by a dBASE programmer.
A must for dBASE programmers: reduces report writing
time from days to hours. - Yet useful for the non-
programmer, as well.




1. Distribution

Cotton-Ware products are marketed under the Share-Ware concept.
This means that computer bulletin boards and sharing among friends
are used as channels for software distribution. It does not mean that
Share-Ware software may be used without purchase. Share-Ware allows
you to try before your buy, and reduces the cost to you of software
by eliminating the expense of packaging and advertising. If you find
yourself continuing to use a Cotton-Ware program after a month or two,
please pay. The fee is modest considering the months of labour it pur-
chases. Cotton-Ware may not be distributed in any fashion which adds
a further cost to the user, such as disk mail-ordering, unless the user
is specifically pre-notified of his obligation to pay Cotton-Ware, as

2. Payment

Cotton-Ware prices, listed below, are low even for Share-Ware! As
Borland International so dramatically demonstrated with Turbo Pascal,
many people buying a product at a low price can be as profitable as
fewer buying at a higher price. Thousands of computer-users who other-
wise would have used a pirate copy of Turbo purchased instead, benefit-
ing themselves, Borland, and the entire industry. By paying a mere
$7.50 or $15.00 per program, you cast your vote for Share-Ware prices
affordable to the hobbyist and the student.

3. Warranty and Support

Because of the modesty of this fee and your ability to try Cotton-Ware
before you buy, no warranty or guarantee, express or implied, is made
for these products, nor is any product-support implicit in the purchase

We will, however, attempt to respond to product-support questions
from our customers, addressed via CompuServe, #73537,1647, or the
address below.



88 Paw Paw Lake Drive
Chagrin Falls, Ohio,
44022, U.S.A.


------ Product ----- - Qty - -- Price -- --- Sub ---

1. ListMaker . . . . . . _______ $7.50 = $__________

2. ListMaker (Site Lic.) _______ $25 + $1 per w-stn = $__________

3. MenuMaker . . . . . . _______ $7.50 = $__________

4. MenuMaker (Site Lic.) _______ $25 + $1 per w-stn = $__________

5. Prim. . . . . . . . . _______ $7.50 = $__________

6. Prim (Site Lic) . . . _______ $25 + $1 per w-stn = $__________

7. PrintSay. . . . . . . _______ $15.00 = $__________

8. PrintSay (Site Lic.). _______ $30 + $2 per w-stn = $__________

Ohio Residents 7% sales tax = $__________

Total Enclosed = $__________

Name:____________________________________________ Phone:________________




* * * *

With the payment enclosed I represent that I have used this product for
30 days and have found it satisfactory. I understand that it is provided
without warranty or guarantee, either express or implied.


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Archive   : PRNSAY.ZIP
Filename : ORDER

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