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* LISTDBF (V1.1) *

LISTDBF is a program to facilitate the viewing of .DBF files with
VERNOB D. BUERG's LIST program, or any program named LIST. LISTDBF allows
viewing .DBF files without using DBASE III+ (IV?), and provides all the
speed, navagation, and searching capabilities of the LIST program.

When executed, LISTDBF presents a title screen. Next a list of .DBF
files in the PRESENT DIRECTORY are presented. Upon selecting a given .DBF
file, a list of the fields are presented. The user may either select all
fields -, or select a set fields - followed by -. To
restart the field selection process -. Fields may be selected in any
order, and any number of times. Upon - LISTDBF writes the given
fields, record by record, to a file named C:DELETEME.NOW. This file is then
passed to the LIST program. Upon completion the user may select another set
of fields, select another .DBF file, or quit. Upon quitting the user may
have the file C:DELETEME.NOW saved by responding (S,s).

The format of C:DELETEME.NOW is the delete field, a record number
field, followed by the selected fields. The fields are boxed and the labels
are repeated every 22 lines, so that one label line is always visible.

USAGE: LISTDBF [FILENAME] (.DBF extention optional)

To Use, copy LISTDBF.EXE to system path, have a LIST program in the
system path, go to directory containing .DBF files, and execute LISTDBF.


VERNON D. BUERG - For use of his superb LIST program.

Acessing dBase III+ Records
Sept/Oct 88. Page 8.


Includes complete LISTDBF source, and QD-Quick Directory DISK
which contains EPSONPAL-print manager, SE-screen editor, and Screen writing
utility routines. PSL disk # 2-UT-1087.


3225 C st


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