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Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Human Resources P.O. Box 37248, Department SM-204 Washington DC20013. Programmer Analysts - 3 years+ COBOL applications with on-line DBMS experience. Computer facilities in RestoOn, Va. Rent-A-Consultant 2409 18th Str., N.W. Washington DC20009- 202-232-7826 Temporaries 1 Office, 5 employees, 'rents' computer programmers Accountemp 7316 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 401 Bethesda, Md20814- 301-652-1960 Temporaries Computer People Corp. 15843 Crabbs Branchway, Rockville, Md20855. 301-840-9619 Temporaries Comsys, Inc. 4 Research Place, Suite 100, Rockville, Md20850- 301-921-8866 Temporaries Worldwide Computer Services, Inc. 19570 Club House Road, Gaithersburg Md20879- Temporaries 9 Offices, 160 employees, 3,000 temps Benchmark Computer Systems, Inc 4318 Woodcock San Antonio Tx78228. Southwest's largest independent computer distributor Offers complete customer support - custom programming, etc 734-7061 Bexar County Mental Health, Mental Retardation Center Personnel Dept., 434 S. Main, Suite 400 San Antonio Tx78204. 225-4011 Position: Computer Data Coordinator BS degree w/ min 12 hrs computer science + 3 yrs ex perience in programming and/or systems analysis - Sent resume on Mar 20, 1987 (bcmh_cov.res) Biediger, Inc. 1012 San Pedro San Antonio Tx78212. 225-5781 customed computer sysytems City of San Antonio Robert Kay, Director of Information Resources Dept. San Antonio Tx782 - Has IBM compatible Amdahl 5868 mainframe linked to approx 1,000 3270-type terminals. Unix operating system (AT&T System V version 3). Has Datapoint ARCnet token-passing LAN. Computer Sciences Corporation, Systems Division **** 215 Billy Mitchell San Antonio Tx78226. 512-436-1744 6565 Arlington Blvd., Falls Church, Va 22046 sent resume on Mar 23, 1987- returned Apr 3 bad addres both DOD & non-DOD customers alt addr: 1321 Mercedes Drive, Hanover, MD 21076 County of Bexar Mr. Steve Chapin, Information Systems director Tx - Cyberian Computer Consultants 206 East Nakoma, San Antonio Tx78216. 340-8443 Datamax Systems Inc. 8207 Callaghan Road San Antonio Tx78230. 366-4000 Provide custom software Faye Smith Goetz,CPC(Cert Personnel Counselor) 9901 IH-10 West, Suite 764 San Antonio Tx78230. Personnel recruitment recruits programmers (512) 691-0300 IMS International 4223 Centergate, San Antonio Tx78217. 656-273 Custom Programming sent resume Mar 26, 1987 Lone Star Data Corporation ***** 6326 Sovereign, Suite 100 San Antonio Tx78229. 340-6811 Custom Programming Sent resume Mar 26, 1987- returned Apr 3 bad address Marcway Systems Corp 12150 Valliant San Antonio Tx78216. 341-4431 Provide Specialized Software Martin Marietta Data Systems Mr. Howard T. Rexon, Program Manager 6100 Bandera Road, Suite 900 San Antonio, Tx78238.1696 Govt projects requiring SCI clearance Mr. Alan Charlet Dept P4, 98 Inverness Drive East, Englewood, Co 80112 Has contract with ESC at Kelly Field Medical Center Hospital 4502 Medical Drive San Antonio Tx78284. 694-2275 Sent resume on Mar 23, 1987 (mch_cov.res) IBM NDC Federal Systems, Inc Mr. Thomas Hanson, Vp & General Manager 8610 N. New Braunfels, Suite 501 San Antonio Tx78217. (512)828-5701 All over country software developers & testers - sent resume on Mar 20, 1987 (ndc_cov.res) - Mr Hanson called me at work on 31 March, 1987 - Asked if I would be interested in managing QA aspects of the Army Wartime Theater Medical Management System - Online Realtime System, Informix DBMS - use MIL-STD-2167, 2168, 7935 OAO Corporation Dept SAE-01, 1222 N Main Ave., Suite 307 San Antonio Tx78212. Systems Analyst w/experience on Burroughs equipment pr eferred Analyst w/experience in systems testing and implementa tion - Sent resume on Mar 20, 1987 (oao_cov.res) Peck John & Associates, Inc. 4901 Broadway, San Antonio Tx78209. 828-7856 Custom Software Peoples Computer 8484 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio Tx78229. 690-9246 Custom Software Design San Antonio OPM Area Office 643 East Durango Blvd, San Antonio Tx78206. GS-334-9/11/12 Computer Specialist's tele # (512)229-6611 Search & Recruit International Mr. Robert E. Scott 4538 Centerview Drive, Suite 225 San Antonio Tx78228. (512)735-9362 Personnel Recruitment Snelling Personnel Agency Mendy Taylor, 732-2261 Wonderland Mall San Antonio Tx . Personnel recruitment Wonderland Mall handle programmer's & analyst's TRW Defense Systems Group Cypress Tower, 12222 N. Main, Suite 710 San Antonio Tx78212. US citizenship required Sent resume on March 12, 1987 Technology Incorporated PO BOX 32644 San Antonio Tx78216. Texas Dept of Employment Security 2015 Bandera Road, San Antonio Tx78228.0900 Interstate Job Bank, 6 offices in SA - write letter requesting info on Feb 27, 1987 - phone # 434-5615 Thomas Software Services, Inc 524 Exchange Street San Antonio Tx - 658-4786 Custom Programming Toshiba America, Inc. The Oaran Co. 401 Isom Road, San Antonio Tx78216. 349-7124 Individualized Programming VIA Metropolitan Transit Employment Dept., P.O. Box 12489 San Antonio Tx78212. Application programmer w/2 yrs DEC VAX Cobol. - Sent resume on Mar 20, 1987 (via_cov.res) Anser Thomas M. Painter, Employment Administrator Suite 800, 1215 Jefferson Davis Highway Arlington Va22202- EDP Temps, Inc. 2095 Chain Bridge Road, Vienna, Va22180- 703-893-2400 Temporaries 1 Office, 12 employees, 200-300 temps Presearch, Inc. Mr. James J. Casaletto, VP Information Systems Group 8500 Executive Park Avenue Fairfax Va22301. (703) 876-6400, (703) 553-2700 Does Govt projects Marilyn K. Pliska, Senior Research Analyst, 876-6545 2361 S. Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, Va 22202 HAS PROGRAMMERS & GOVT CONTRACTS & SECURITY CLEARANCES * Computer Resources Group, Inc. 303 Sacramento Street, San Francisco Ca94111- (415)398-3535 Data Processing Recruiters 3080 Olcott Str., Santa Clara, Ca 95051 (408)727-1658 Sacramento County Employment Office 700 H Street Ground Level Sacramento, Ca95814- (916)440-5593 Info on programming jobs * -