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System Requirements
FXCOLOR requires a VGA system and Clipper 5.01. It is designed for TEXT
screen modes, not graphics screen modes.

Compiling & Linking The Demo Program
To compile the demo program FXDEMO.PRG, just run the MAKEDEMO.BAT file
from your DOS command line. If you use a compiler other than the
default RTLINK included with Clipper 5.01, you may want to edit the
batch file or compile and link it yourself.

About The Demo Program
The demo program is written in a tutorial fashion to demonstrate usage
of the commands. It is not necessary to hard-print the FXDEMO.PRG file
(and is probably a waste of paper to do so). All pertinent code used to
implement commands is shown on the screen as part of the demo.

So, What Do I Hard-Print?
You may want to print the documentation file, FXCOLOR.DOC, and the text
file VGA.DOC. These files may be printed from the DOS command line
TYPE filename.doc > PRN

Sorry, there is no Norton Guides (NG) file (what do you want for free?).
Perhaps some enthusiastic person who has a NG compiler and plenty of
spare time might want to create one for everyone's use!

Linking FXCOLOR To Your Applications
This part is real easy. Just add the file FXCOLOR.OBJ to the list of
object files you are linking, as in:

RTLINK FILE myprog, fxcolor

Product Support
What? I don't generally support products I'm giving away FREE. But if
you do have a problem, or question, or maybe even some praiseworthy
comments, just send me a message via CompuServe mail or leave a message
in NANFORUM to 73340,3425 and maybe you'll get an answer.


Jim Fowler

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Archive   : FXCOL.ZIP
Filename : README.1ST

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