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Patching FoxPro

Patches are currently available for the Development Package and the
help file.

To patch the Development Package, you need to download one of the
four Development Package patch files:

PRO1.EXE - Single-user FoxPro patch
PROX1.EXE - Single-user Foxpro (X) patch
PROL1.EXE - FoxPro/LAN patch
PROLX1.EXE - FoxPro/LAN (X) patch

HELP1.EXE - Help file patch

The patch files must be in the same directory as the product to be


You cannot patch a Development Package that has had a Distribution Kit
installed with it, since the Distribution Kit installation changes
parts of FoxPro. Instead, you must reinstall the Development Package
from the disks supplied to you, and follow the directions below.

There are 3 steps to patch the Development Package:

1. If you have installed a copy of the FoxPro Distribution Kit,
reinstall the Development Package. Do not install any
optional pieces (such as the Distribution Kit) at this time.

2. Patch the Development Package. To do this, be sure you've
downloaded the appropriate patch file(s) from CompuServe. The
patch file(s) should be in the same directory as the
Development Package.

3. To start the patch process, type in the patch file name:


You will be patching Baseline 1, the version dated July 12, 1991.
When you type ? VER(1) in the Command window in Baseline 1, FoxPro
returns the date July 12, 1991. Once the patch is made, ? VER(1) will
return the date July 19, 1991, the date for Baseline 2.

Once you have patch your Development Package, you can reinstall your
Distribution Kit. The patch files for the Distribution Kit will be
available next week.

To patch the Help file, download HELP1.EXE, then type the Help file patch file name:



If you are running a DOS version prior to DOS 3.0, you need to type in
the patch file name followed by a space, and the name again with a
.EXE extension, as in this example below:


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Archive   : FP2PAT-1.ZIP
Filename : FP2READ.ME

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