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FoxMake - FoxBASE+ compiler utility
Version 1.02

Copyright (c) 1989, by Computer Connection, All Rights Reserved

FoxMake is a make utility that can be used in conjunction with the
FoxBase compiler from Fox software. It is distributed under the
'ShareWare' concept. You may freely copy this, and are encouraged to
distribute it in it's original, unmodified form. If you find that this
program saves you time and money, and you wish to become a registered
user, send $10.00 to the address at the end of this documentation. OEM and
site Licenses may be obtained by contacting us at (607) 277-8336.

Since most programs of any size end up consisting of many modules,
it becomes a task to re-compile after every change you make. Being a
FoxBase developer myself, I decided to write a 'make' utility that would
save me some valuable development time.

FoxMake allows you to create a standard text file that contains the
names of the files that belong together. FoxMake will check the 'Make'
file one module at a time. By comparing the date and time of the .prg
file to the date and time of the .fox file, it can determine if a
module has been modified, and needs to be re-compiled.

If FoxMake determines that a module needs to be re-compiled, it will
call the FoxBase compiler, 'FoxPComp', and compile the module. FoxPComp
needs to exist either in the current directory, or in a directory
addressed by the search path.

The proper syntax of the FoxMake command is as follows:

foxmake [-v][d]

If you execute FoxMake with no parameters, they will be displayed for
you. The parameter is the full name of the file that contains
the list of modules. When specifying modules in the make file, be sure to
give the full file name, including the extension.

The optional parameter -v will display a verbose listing of the make
process, telling you what files it is checking, and whether or not they
need to be compiled. The -d parameter will display summary information
about the entire make process, such as how many modules were compiled, and
how many errors occurred in the make process.

FoxMake is a fairly simple program, and should speed up your FoxBase
development time. For those interested, FoxMake is written in 'C'. I
used the Turbo C 2.0 compiler. Source code is available if you are
interested. I will send you a 360K disk with fully commented source
for $10.00. Any questions regarding other utilities available may be
directed to the address given below.

* copyrights / trademarks
'FoxBase(tm)', 'Fox(tm)', and 'FoxPComp(tm)' are copyright (c) Fox Software
'Turbo C(tm)' is copyright (c) Borland International
'FoxMake(tm)' is copyright (c) Computer Connection

send orders or correspondance to:

Parallax Systems Division
Computer Connection
P.O. Box 426
Spencer, New York 14883

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