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University Research, Inc. dPROG Software
602 South 48th Street. Suite 229 Problem Report
Philadelphia, Pa. 19143 Version 1.31

We need your help to develop this system. If you find any problems with
any of the programs or documentation, or you wish to make a suggestion for
an enhancement, please send in this form. Only through your help can this
system be made the way you want it. Thank you in advance for that help.

Name: _________________________________________________________________

Street: _______________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________ State _____ Zip: ____________

Phone: ___________________________________ DATE: ______________________


Use this form to report software bugs, documentation errors, or
suggested enhancements. Mail the form to the above address.


__ Software Problem __ Documentation Problem __ Enhancement __ Other


Computer Manufacture ______________________ Model ____________________

Graphics Board ____________________________ Memory ______________ KB

Other Hardware ________________________________________________________

Problem Description

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