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There is a set of high level UDF's that are being rewritten from COMET,
single port , to the new COMET-MP. Check CompuSolve's BBS for release

These UDF's will include:

1) HAYES modem commands/functions
2) Automated background CALL & ANSWER routines
3) UDF's to eliminate the CALL COMETMP WITH syntax

Thank you for purchasing COMET-MP!

Release Notes

********************** COMET-MP Version 1.06 *******************
- New command INPUTB (B = Binary) added to make COMET return all
data from its receive buffer, including Binary 0's or NULLs.
The INPUT command always strips out any NULLs.
ENTRY: = 'INPUTB #P,?????' + SPACE(cnt) [+ CHR(t) ]

- New command OUTPUTB added to make COMET output all characters
without any outbound translation of CHR(255)'s to NULLs. The
OUTPUT command considers a NULL to mark the end of and
hence will not output any binary 0's / NULLs.

ENTRY: = 'OUTPUTB #P,len,string'
#P = desired port #
len = length of string ie. # characters to output
string = characters to output

eg. OUTBCmd = 'OUTPUTB #2,11,12345' + CHR(0) + '67890'

********************** COMET-MP Version 1.05 *******************
- FIND command fixed. With prior versions FIND could mess up some
internal receive buffer pointers if COM data was being received
while FIND was executing.
- AUTOLF command added. "AUTOLF 1" enables automatic line feed generation
for each CR received. "AUTOLF 0" disables auto linefeeds (the default).
This command will affect all received data, including ARECV capturing.

********************** COMET-MP Version 1.04 *******************
- New commands X1RECV and X1SEND added to support XModem-1K protocols.
These new commands use same syntax as XRECV & XSEND.
ie. expC = "X1RECV filename"

- MSTAT now requires only SPACE(18) as suggested in manual, whereas
code was looking for 20.

- ONDCD & ONDONE gave syntax error "?," if: "ONDCD #n" or "ONDONE #n"
v1.04 no longer requires comma when disabling these event traps

- XOR|LRC commands added that calculate 1 byte longitudinal redundancy check
(LRC) for string. Both commands perform the same thing.
format: = 'XOR string ' or = 'LRC string '
The LRC character is calculated by consecutively XORing chars
beginning with the 1st character after "XOR " and ending with the
next to last character. The last character is where COMET writes
the calculated LRC value.

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Archive   : DMETCLIP.ZIP
Filename : READ.ME

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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