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Follow this to quickly and easily block your programs.

At the first prompt do exactly what is asked, enter the filename
with no extensions (e.g. TESTFILE.PRG becomes TESTFILE). The
next prompt askes whether you want line numbers. Enter either a
Y or N. The program is not case sensitive so use either upper or
lower case.

That's all there is to it. The line number the program is working
on will be displayed just to let you know something is going on.
Your origional file remains unchanged and the blocked file has the
same filename but with the .FLW extension.

--- So what is it good for ??? ---

I'm glad you asked. I wrote this little utility because I didn't
want to buy anything (no cash you know) and because another
excellent program called FLOW did not recognise abreviated dBase
commands. If you write dBase code for speed and shorten commands to
4 characters you know that it is difficult to follow what exactly is
going on. This is not good when your client calls and says your
program just bombed out with some cryptic dBase error message.

So this utility blocks your data structures and indents at the same
time. DO/ENDDO combinations are blocked using "#", Case structures
and IF/ENDIF structures are blocked using "*-". In addition, if you
make a mistake in your coding (like forgetting an ENDDO) the program
will tell you there is an error. If one type of structure overlaps
another, for example:

IF X=1

you will get an error message and the program will put the error
message where it occured in the program similar to the following:

# *-IF X = 1
# | X = X + 1

This can be extremely useful in debugging. In fact that's why I wrote it.

*--- BUGS ---*

There is only one bug that I know of. That is if you have an ENDIF or
ENDDO without any IF's or DO WHIL's ahead of it. This causes an illegal
array variable which locks the computer right up. If this happens to you
check for this type of error first. If you find any other bugs, please
let me know at the address below.

*-- What to do if you find this program useful --*

Guess what guys and gals. I don't want any money (as if you would send any
anyway). This is being released under what I saw in another dBase program,
that is, huggable software. If you use this please hug someone you know.
If you want to drop me a card saying "a job well done, Dave" send it to:

David Kanter
6103 Biltmore Ave
Baltimore, MD 21215

l done, Dave" send it to:

David Kanter
6103 Biltmore Ave

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Archive   : DFLW6.ZIP
Filename : DFLW6.DOC

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