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Catalogs dBase .dbf and .ndx files, also works with Fox idx files.
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Catalogs dBase .dbf and .ndx files, also works with Fox idx files.
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Contents of the CATALOG.DOC file

05/30/91 at 22:45 - Catalog.exe

This is in response to several expressions of interest
in a program that would create a "catalog" of the various
database and indexe files that make up a "project".

By entering the command "catalog" at the DOS prompt,
two databases will be created in the current directory:

1. database.dbf
2. indexes.dbf

The "database" database will have the following
structure, and will contain a record for each
field contained in each database found.

FILENAME C 10 0 /* database name where field is used */
FIELDNAME C 10 0 /* field name in that database */
FIELDTYPE C 1 0 /* field type in that database */
FIELDWIDTH N 3 0 /* field width that database */
DECIMALS N 12 3 /* number of decimals for field */

The "indexes" database will have the following
structure, and will contain a record for each
each index file found. (Both FOX and DBASE index
files will be processed.)

FILETYPE C 10 0 /* will contain: "FOXBASE" or "DBASE" */
FILENAME C 10 0 /* index file name */
EXPRESSION C 220 0 /* index expression used to create that index */

This is the VERY first version of this program, and it has a few problems.
I thought I would upload it in its present form anyway to satisfy the
folks who wanted something like this. (Source is included, so you can
fix anything you don't like.)

NOTE: The "db3.lib" library used here is mine, and has many more
features than the ones used here. For the MSC 'C' source and docs
for the library, send me $10.00.

Some things to look out for:

1. It access current directory to look for files.
2. Since the INDEX files are placed in a database
file in the first pass, the DATABASE pass finds
the "INDEXES.DBF" file, and includes its fields
in the catalog.
3. The files "DATABASE.DBF", and "INDEXES.DBF" **WILL BE**
overwritten without a check to see if these files
already exist. (** BE CAREFUL **).

1. Correct the deficiencies listed above.
2. Add command line arguments to:
a. Specify path for source files
b. Request an ASCII REPORT file of all the
info placed in the databases.
3. Check for existence of files before overwriting
4. Add some more useful info from index and database
5. Cross reference which indexes go with which databases.

Mike Lavett,
5394 Harvest Ridge Lane
Bham, Al. 35242
205-991-5920 (Home)

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