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In keeping with our commitment to provide you, the user, with
support that will maximize your productivity with the dBASE IV
product, we are continuing our tradition of publishing timely,
detailed anomaly and work-around reports.

The following listing addresses one known anomaly when using
dBASE IV. Use of these techniques will aid you in avoiding
anomalies that have been reported to our Software Support
Center. This report will be supplemented as new information is
received. There is also one Usage Tip that may be used in order
to avoid further problems or misunderstandings when using the
dBASE IV product.



Blank lines are not suppressed in labels

When a line on a label form contains blank data (as in a company
name field) dBASE IV's Label.GEN inconsistently suppresses blank
lines. This is incompatible with dBASE III PLUS which suppressed
any blank lines. This problem occurs when Columns of labels is
defined as 2 or more. In order for any line in a label to be
suppressed, every line has to be a blankable line. The criteria
for a blankable line is any of the following:

- Any line containing a single character field.

- A number with the 'Z' function in the template.

- Any line containing one or more fields that has no
additional character or literal.


If the line is comprised of:

City, State

the literal comma prevents the line from becoming a
blankable line. If a line of a label needs to have a literal
comma, you may create a calculated field comprised of:

TRIM(City)+", "+State


Download the updated file Label.GEN from the dBASE IV
Library and copy it over the Label.GEN in your dBASE IV
directory. This new .GEN file will automatically suppress blank

This new Label.GEN also incorporates the fixes that were included
in the Label.GEN that was uploaded on 1-20-89, and 1-27-89.



Use on Environmental Variable SET DTL_xxxx

Certain objects expect compiled templates which have specific
names. With the use of a DOS environmental variable, the template
name can be other than the default template filename.


Reports Report.GEN SET DTL_REPORT =
Labels Label.GEN SET DTL_LABEL =
Quick Applcation Quickapp.GN NONE


In order to use a different version of the Label.GEN file, one
might copy the file to the same directory in which dBASE IV is
installed, but under a new name (e.g. Label.222). From DOS issue
the command:


Upon generating any new label form within dBASE IV, the new .LBL
file generated will use the Label.222 file specified via the SET
DTL_LABEL environmental variable.

For more information, refer to page 3-1 of the Template Language
manual which is included with the Developer's Edition of dBASE


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Archive   : DB4ANOM.ZIP
Filename : ANOMALY7.TXT

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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