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LONGSAY dBASE III(1) Screen Display Call Routine
© 1986, Kenneth E. Wilson, Digital Equipment Corporation

This program is provided to the DECdomain with the condition that it
not be sold or included in any application which is sold. This program
is not warranted or guarranteed nor is it supported by its author. Any
problems found in this application should be logged in the dBASE notesfile.

This routine when loaded will print a string on a Rainbow video screen. It
is intended to provide direct addressing for screen positions beyond 80
columns. This routine is intended ONLY for the following system configuration:
RAINBOW 100A/B, dBASE III V1.1 on MS-DOS(3) V2.11 or later.

To enable use of LONGSAY issue the following dBASE III command:

The call is structured as follows:

CALL LONGSAY WITH '1,81,String to be displayed'
^ ^^^ ^^
|- Function ||| ||- This is the start of the string to be displayed
name ||| |
||| |- This is then end of column indicator
|||- This is the column number to begin displaying at
||- This is the end of row indicator
|- This is the row number to begin displaying at

Note: There cannot be any spaces between the beginning of the parameter
string and the 'end of column indicator'. The row number can be either 1 or
2 characters in length an must be between 0 and 23, and the column number
can be 1,2 or 3 characters long and must be between 0 and 131. The length
of the string to be displayed is limited to 255 - (the length of the rest
of the parameter string). Also, no video attributes are added and the current
state of SET COLOR has NO effect on the text displayed. Any attributes
desired should either be included in the string or should be set prior
with ?? Chr(27)+'[x;x;xm' escape sequence.

See the PAINTIT routine also available from this author for screen painting
of 80 and 132 column screens.

(1) dBASE III is a trademark of Ashton-Tate
(3) MS is a trademark of MicroSoft

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