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In November 1985, I distributed to various BBS's two files
containing dBASE II and dBASE III tips, tricks, hints and techniques
(DB2TIPS.ARC and DB3TIPS.ARC) followed in July 1986 by another file
(DB3TIPS2.ARC). Users of these files will recall that I compiled and
editted a variety of articles from various magazines and other sources
which I had found to be helpful in using dBASE 2/3.

This DB3TIPS3.ARC file is a continuation of the earlier tips
files. The tips and tricks in this file were taken from a variety
of magazine articles over the last 6 months of 1986. As before, I
take NO personal credit for authoring any of the items. I did take
certain liberties in editting the articles. Nevertheless, attribution
is properly given in all instances.

The various files contained in DB3TIPS3.ARC were prepared using
WordStar in nondocument (ASCII) mode. This DB3TIPS3.ARC file is
arranged with the following categories.

DB3DATES.TXT Handling dates in dBASE III
DB3MISC.TXT All the other miscellaneous tips and tricks
DB3PSET.TXT An adaptation of PSET.COM for printer control
from dBASE III


Dean Wood