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Nice sales prospecting system with full dBase III source code.
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Nice sales prospecting system with full dBase III source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COMPANY.NDX 1152 278 deflated
GAADD.PRO 2304 1009 deflated
GAEDIT.PRO 3200 1097 deflated
GAFIND.PRO 1280 513 deflated
GAINDEX.PRO 1024 465 deflated
GAKILL.PRO 2432 616 deflated
GALIST.PRO 768 408 deflated
GALOG.PRO 256 87 deflated
GAMAIL.PRO 768 447 deflated
GAMAIN.PRO 3968 1605 deflated
GAMEM.PRO 384 177 deflated
GAREPORT.PRO 1024 376 deflated
GASETUP.PRO 2944 1387 deflated
GAUPDATE.PRO 1280 492 deflated
KEY.NDX 1152 283 deflated
NAME.NDX 1152 280 deflated
PROSPECT.DBF 1536 308 deflated
PROSPECT.DBT 512 427 deflated
PROSPECT.FMT 1536 561 deflated
PROSPECT.PRG 1536 560 deflated
READ.ME 1024 580 deflated

Download File DB3SALES.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

The dBASE III Sales Prospecting program is a freeware/commercial.

You may use it, copy it, give away, or pour coffee on it.

Please do not give it away except in its original form. You may not
sell it.

If you like my program... I will accept a contribution.

If you need custom programming in dBASE, DOS, BASIC or whatever, Please

All program files, memory files and logon database use the extension
.PRO and the prefix GA This should minimize the chance of there conflicting
with any of your files. The indexes are KEY, COMPANY, NAME. The database is

Use the dbase command do to set default and program file drives,along with optional field names.
In essence all .PRO files and report formats you create will go on default drive...other files anyplace else.

(C)Copyright Glenn Abelson/Sales 1985. P.O. Box 1031 Rockville Ctr. NY 11571
516 766 7782. If the program jumps out, let me know.

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