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JAY'S A/R - Accounts receivable system for dBase III
version 1.1a copyright 10/15/85

This program is distributed free of charge. If you find it of value,please
send $25.00 to the address below. Upon receipt of your $25.00 we will
immediatly send you an invoice/receipt and enter your name in the update
list. You can download the updates if you have a modem connected to your
computer,just call 619-291-5682 at 300/1200 baud 24 hours a day.
Or you can call and leave electronic mail with questions/bugs.
Commumication parameters are Parity = none, Data Bits = 8, and Stop Bits = 1
Or call our regular business phone 619-295-6053 ( 9-5 Mon.-Fri.,Sat 10-4)

We can custom-tailor JAYS A/R to your needs. There are accounts payable,general
ledger,purchase order,and inventory control with invoicing programs that all
link together to manage your business effectively at low cost.

---------------------------- JAY'S OFFICE SUPPLIES,INC.-------------------------
824 Camino Del Rio North - #329
San Diego,CA 92108
voice (619)295-6053
data (619)291-5682

Accounts Receivable
Users Manual Page 1

To start up:

a)Put dBASEIII program disk in drive A

b)Put AR program disk in drive B

c)Type DBASE B:MENU to start program.

Important...If the main menu appears scrambled,there is a simple way to fix it.
If you do not have graphics installed in your computer,the main menu will
not display correctly. To use this program you should get dBase up to the
dot prompt then enter the command DO B:FIXTXT this will remove the 4 ASCII
text files,and replace them with alternates.

Sample data in files:

There are 9 sample customers and 25 invoices for them in this program. To
delete a customer choose option 6-(Edit account),to delete an invoice
choose option 2-(Edit invoice). With the cursor on the record you want to
delete,press Ctrl and U keys at the same time. Then run the option that
removes the paid invoices,and both of your databases will be set.
Even easier is to enter the following commands:


!! Be CAREFUL of the ZAP command-it empties a database.

End of month programming notes:

Before running bulk statements you should remove the paid invoices from the
file.If you don't,it will run slower,and paid invoices are not shown on the
statement anyway.

Regarding the order of the customer labels print:

Our account numbers are really character fields in order to allow for
accounts such as 181A,181B,181C etc.
Because of this when you enter an account with a small number it will still
be at the bottom of the file.
You can access the file B:CUST.DBF, and will find a field named NUMBER.
Rearrange your customers in the order you want them to appear by changing
the number field,then sort the file on the NUMBER field to B:TEMP. Then
copy B:TEMP to B:CUST,re-index the whole thing on the account field.
The proper syntax for this command is as follows:

BROWSE FIELDS ACCT,NAME,NUMBER (when done press CTRL W to save)

Access to DBASE:
a)From a dot prompt you can always access the "ASSIST" mode of DBASE with
the F2 key,this gives you total access to the database files
b)The F1 key is a complete on-line tutorial for DBASE

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Archive   : DB3AR.ZIP
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