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C O M P 5 Version 5.1 Feb 10, 1993
Thank you for your interest and support of COMP5, the Foxpro Data
Compression system for Foxpro 2.0 & 2.5 !!

File Compression/Decompression from within Foxpro. You do not have to
use the Run Command.

Compression can be done directly from a memo feild of file to
another file.

Decompression can be done directly from a memo field or file
to a another memo feild or file or any combination.

These two features Allows you to use the DBF/FPT as a Archive File Format
Package You Entire Compressed Application in one DBF !!

16bit CRC Checking will ensure Data integrity.

Will compress all types of data.

Checks valididty of Compressed files before De-Compressing.

Thermometer type status window that respects talk setting.

Memory checking and recovery on error.

4 Compression Models in One PLB File :
Each Method trades off Compression ratios for
memory requirements. All Methods compress at the
same speeds (fast).

De-Compression Module automaticly sense which model was used
when files were compressed and adjust accordingly .

Decompression Module can De-compress Memo fields directly to another
memo field or file and visa versa.

Compression Module can Compress Memo fields directly to a
external file.

DOS Command line version of Compressor/Decompressor That will
compress files using maximal(Large) compression model and can De-Compress
any model.

Evaluation Copy Limitations
If you have the Evaluation Version Some Features are Disabled.
An annoying Evaluation Copy message pops up on each invocation
of the COMPRESS and DECOMPRESS Functions. In addition Compress will only
use the Meduim model and Will not compress files > 64K. Talk Setting is
not respected. MEMO Feild Support disabled.

To remove these restrictions PLEASE Register !!!!

COMP5 Requirments
COMP5 requires either FOXPRO 2.0 or Higher. Seperate PLB files are available
for FOXPRO 2.5.

Approximate memory requirements are as follows :

TINY -- Memory() should return >=50 Least Compression (but still very good)
SMALL -- Memory() should return >=70
MEDUIM -- Memory() should return >=125
LARGE -- Memory() should return >=220 Best Compression
DECOMPRESS -- Memory() should return >=15 All Models

* These are estimates and could change
* The larger the model the better the compression but more memory is required..

* Note Version 5.1 or Higher of COMP5 Uses One PLB file for Standard FOXPRO
and Foxpro(X) versions, In addition All Models are also containes in the
same PLB file. Compression and Decompression are still two seperate PLB's.

Hot To Use COMP5
COMP5 is a set of two FOXPRO PLB files. They add Compression and
Decompression functions to FOXPRO when used with the Set Library Command.
One you issue the Set Libray Command Two New functions are avaibale to you.
One is COMPRESS() and the other is DECOMPRESS()

Set Libray to COMP5C && Compression PLB

** Parameters Descriptions **
Character Expression - Input File Name or Memo field reference
Character Expression - OutPut File Name
Character Expression - Compression Model. T,S,M,L are valid choices.

Set Libr to Comp5D && De-Compression PLB

* Character Expression - Input File or Memo reference
* Character Expression - OutPut File or Memo reference

** Note When using Memo Field Name you must precede with @ (pass by reference)

* COMP5 respects the TALK Setting If talk is on Progress and stats are
* displayed

Programing Examples
Set Talk on && Let COMP5 Talk
Set Libr to COMP5C && Add Compress Function to FOXPRO
modi file demo.txt && Take a Quick look at the Un-Compressed Data
=COMPRESS("comp5.doc","comp5.CMP","l") && Call The Compress Function with Large Model Compression
modi file comp5.CMP nomodify && Take a look at the Compressd Stuff
Set Libr to COMP5D && Add the DeCompress Function to FOXPRO
=Decomp("comp5.cmp","Demo.doc") && Decompress the File we Compressed Earlier
modi file Demo.doc && Take a look..
set libr to && Take away thr Decompress Function From FOXPRO

** Example of compressing memo fileds
** Compress All Memo Fields in a DBF
Set safe off
use test
set libr to Comp5c
do while !eof()
Copy Memo Text to TMP.TXT && Copy Memo to Work file for COMP5
=Compress("TMP.TXT","MEMO.DAT","s") && Compress The work File with small model
Append Memo Text From Memo.Dat OverWrite && Replace with Compressed Work file to a Memo Feild
@10,12 Say X
set libr to
Pack MEMO &&ReClaim Saved Space

** Display Contens of Compressed Memo Data
Set talk off
Set safe off
use test
set libr to Comp5d
Define Window XX From 1,0 to 24,78 PANEL
Activate Wind XX
do while !eof()
Modi File Memo.Txt Window XX
Dele File Memo.Txt
set libr to

COMP5 is Copyright (c) 1991-1993 Warren Master

If you have any questions/sugestions EMAIL me at (CIS) 70713,2002. Or
leave a message on FOXFORUM (ThirdParty Section) .
I check my EMAIL everyday...

All Suggestions/comments are appericated..

How To Receive COMP5
You can recieve COMP5 for a small donation of U.S. $35.00 + $5.00 Handling

With Registration of COMP5 you get:
* One PLB for Compressing Files (Supports FOXPRO(X) and All memory Models)
* One PLB for Decompresing Files Compressed with COMP5C or DOS Version .
* DOS Command Line EXE version of COMPRESSOR AND DECOMPRESSOR That is
compatibale with COMP5C & COMP5D

To Order: send Check or Money Order for U.S. $40.00 payable to:
Warren Master
1530 Palisade Avenue
Suite 16C
Fort Lee, N.J. 07024

I can be reached via CIS MAIL My I.D. is 70713,2002 and I monitor
the FOXForum daily. No Phone Calls Please! COMP5 can be recieved
by U.S. Mail or CIS EMAIL..

This Software may be distributed with your application in a bound EXE or APP
One time ! Additional copies may be used by sending me $2.00/Copy. After 100
copies, it's yours for ever and for as many copies as you like. If you would
like to discuss this with me Please EMail me and I will contact you. Users
who register for Unlimited Distribuition have the option of Changing the
Notice that is in the Status Window....

There is no warranty of any kind associated with this software.
I assume NO responsibility for any damage or loss caused by the use of
this programs, however it may happen and whatever may happen.

I will not be liable for any damages whatsoever due to loss of data or any
other reason, even if I have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Any risk of damage due to any possible inaccurate information or a
misunderstanding of the provided information is assumed by the user
of the information.

By using this software, you agree to these Terms.

That's it...

FOXPRO 2.0 & 2.5 PLB Shareware Catalog By Warren Master January 30, 1993
Vendor Name: Warren Master
Address: 1530 Palisade Ave
Suite 16C
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Compuserve I.D: 70713,2002

Products I currently Have available:
Product Name: COMP5
Description: Data Compression System For Foxpro 2.00/2.5
Recent Version: 5.1 Dated 02/10/93
Price: U.S. $35.00 + $5.00 Shipping
Description: Compress and Decompress files within Foxpro 2.00. Up-to 75%
Compression Ratios. Includes PLB file,DOS EXE version and
docs with Examples. Demo Version is limited to Compresing
Files <=64K and does not support memo fields directly.
Compression Method is selectable . Different Compression
Ratios and memory requirements .CRC Checking ensures data Integrity.

Product Name: PCX Viewer I
Description: PCX Viewer For Foxpro 2.00
Recent Version: 1.01 Dated 1/18/91
Price: U.S. $20.00 + $3.00 Shipping
Description: View 2,16,256 Color PCX Images On EGA and VGA displays.
Includes PLB file and Docs with Examples. Allows Background
proccessing when picture is displayed. Registerd version
supports memo fields directly, and the Flash View Option..

Product Name: FOXPCX (NEW FOR 1993 !)
Description: PCX Viewer II For Foxpro 2.0 & 2.5
Recent Version: 2.2 Dated 1/25/93
Price: U.S. $35.00 + $5.00 Shipping
Description: View any size B&W or Color PCX Image On VGA & SVGA displays.
Supports the panning of large images,resoulutions up to
1024X768X256 in SVGA modes (VESA standard supported). Uses XMS
or Virtual memory to Handle LARGE images. Includes PLB file
,docs with Examples and Screen drivers for Most VGA & SVGA cards.
Registered users will receive PLB with evaluation message removed, Network
version and complete screen driver set.

Product Name: FOXGIF (NEW FOR 1993 !)
Description: GIF Viewer For Foxpro 2.0 & 2.5
Recent Version: 2.2 Dated 1/25/93
Price: U.S. $35.00 + $5.00 Shipping
Description: View any size B&W or Color GIF Image On VGA & SVGA displays.
Supports the panning of large images,resoulutions up to
1024X768X256 in SVGA modes (VESA standard supported). Uses XMS
or Virtual memory to Handle LARGE images. Includes PLB file
,docs with Examples and Screen drivers for Most VGA & SVGA cards.
Registered users will receive PLB with evaluation message removed, Network
version and complete screen driver set.

Products I will have available by March 1993:
Product Name: FOXSQZ
Description: Data Compression/Decompression Archiver for Foxpro 2.0 & 2.5
Recent Version:N/A
Price: N/A
Description: Compress and Decompress Multiple Files into one compact
archive file. Fast Execution with low memory requirements
CRC checking to ensure data integrity. Includes PLB file,
DOS EXE Version, and Docs with Examples. Function to Create
Add,List,Update,and delete files from Archive files.
Multiple Compression methods, direct memo field support
,Network Support,and DOS Wildcards may be used for File Selections.

Product Name: FOXBLASTER
Description: Sound System for Foxpro 2.0 & 2.5 Supporting
Creative Labs SounBlaster Board.
Recent Version: N/A
Price: N/A
Description: Play VOC (Voice) and CMF (Music) files from FOXPRO Memo
fields and hear them on Creative Labs Sound
Blaster Boards. Excellent for Multimedia
Applications when combined with Image

Demos of Each are available on Compuserve, GO FOXFORUM or GO DBADVISOR

Thank you for your support!

Warren Master (CIS) 70713,2002