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Allows user color changes in dBaseIII and Clipper programs.
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Allows user color changes in dBaseIII and Clipper programs.
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Contents of the COLORCHG.DOC file

COLORCHG.PRG is a program module that allows the end-user to
select their own screen colors. It is meant to be included as
part of a larger application.

It stores the selected colors to memory variables which are saved
in a file called COLOR.MEM. These variables are then used in the
other program modules. The variables are:

mnormh - "Normal" screens, highlighted text
mnormn - Normal screens, normal intensity
mnorme - Normal screens, enhanced (reverse) text

mwindh - Windows, highlighted text
mwindn - Windows, normal intensity
mwinde - Windows, enhanced text

merrh - "Error" screens, highlighted text
merrn - Error screens, normal intensity
merre - Error screens, enhanced text

Naturally, you can add to these, rename them to your own
conventions, etc.

As you will note in the procedures that actually do the screen
writes, the variables are used as macros a SET COLOR statements:

SET COLOR TO &mnormh.,&mnorme

The above line sets the colors to whatever the user has chosen
for highlighted text on a "normal" screen and the same for
enhanced text. In other words, SAYs will show up in the first
color specified (mnormh) and GETs will be displayed in the second
color (mnorme).

This program will run under dBASE IV, Foxbase+, and Clipper with
minor modifications. Where necessary, I've included lines for
all three programs. Prior to running it, delete the lines not
appropriate to the dialect you happen to be working with.

For running under Clipper, link in COLORS.S87. For the others be
sure that COLORS.BIN is in the same directory as the application
or that a path is specified.

Since dBASE III+ doesn't trap the left arrow with INKEY() another
BIN file is necessary. If there's interest, I'll get it working
with that program.

Comments, questions, etc. can be addressed to me on CompuServe
either via Easyplex or on CONSULT (Section 4), ASHFORUM (Section
6) or PCVEN (Section 12).

Paul Ferrara [70075,252]

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