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Version History

Version 1.0 8/10/90 Initial Release by T. D. Coyle

Version 2.0 11/01/90 Revised by P. L. Olympia to handle
FoxPro and dBASE IV .dbfs, remove
redundant info in output, and "pretty up"
the output somewhat. Portions in the C
code where I did my damage are usually
indicated with "p.o."

Following is T.D. Coyle's original doc:

Documentation for CMPDBFS.EXE

Dr. T. D. Coyle
GPR Systems
11400 Game Preserve Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

CMPDBFS.EXE compares the structures of two dBASE III files to
determine whether or not they are identical. It produces parallel
listings of the structures of the chosen files, showing fields in one
that are missing from the other and indicating mismatches if
fields of the same name have different widths or decimal places.

I wrote this program because my work as a dBASE program developer
has often made it necessary to determine differences between structures
of nominally identical data base files on my clients' hard disks. I
have found it useful, and other dBASE programmers may also find it

The source code was written using Borland's Turbo C, version 2.0. I
am a new C programmer. This product is my first serious effort at
useful C programming beyond writing "Hello, world" to the screen and
doing other training exercises. I am sure that the code could be
improved, but it works, it fills a need for me, and I think it may be
useful to others.

To compare the structures of two DBFs, type CMPDBFS filename1
filename2 from the DOS prompt. Output can be redirected to a file or
the printer by the usual >outfile or >prn additions to the command
line. A screen display will normally be more useful if the user
adds |MORE on the command line.

The .C file source code has been included in the ZIP file for those
who want to modify it for their own purposes or simply criticize my
as yet relatively primitive C programming skills.

I have used techniques for accessing DBF's that are described in the
Olympia, et al. I gratefully acknowledge the help provided by that

I will welcome comments from those who try out the program.

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Archive   : CMPDBFS2.ZIP
Filename : CMPDBFS2.DOC

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