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Copyright 1988 Greg Lief


Greetings, Clipper programmer! Are you as tired as I am of digging out
the Clipper manual every time you need to verify the syntax of a
particular command or function? It gets old, doesn't it?

But lo and behold, the Norton Guides burst onto the scene, providing
programmers with a wonderful on-line reference tool so that a simple
syntax question would no longer derail our train of thought. In
keeping with the Norton philosophy of providing expandable products,
the Norton Guides provided a means for the user to create their own
reference database. And so I have.

This database (CLIPPER.NG) covers all commands and functions through
Clipper's Summer '87 release. I have also included reference materials
covering run-time errors and the Extend system.


To use the Clipper On-Line Reference Library, copy the file CLIPPER.NG
to the subdirectory where your other Norton Guides files are located.
Then just fire up the Guides by typing "NG". Press Shift-F1 to
activate the Guides, then press "O" for Options and "D" for Database to
select the Clipper database. Dive in!


The Clipper On-Line Reference Library is a shareware product. You are
encouraged to freely distribute copies of same. Obviously, it will be
of no value to you unless you own the Norton Guides. If you find this
product to be of value to you in your programming endeavors, please
send $10 registration fee to:

Greg Lief
P.O. Box 17761
Salem, OR 97305

This will ensure that you will be notified whenever updates are

*The Norton Guides is a registered trademark of Peter Norton Computing, Inc.

**Clipper is a registered trademark of Nantucket Corporation.