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* Modified by Charles Burfoot,
* 7425 La Vista Dr. #128, Dallas, TX, 75214
* Sat 08-12-1989
* (214) 328-6201 CIS [73057,3204]
* Any commets or ideas are appreciated
* Configure with close window on exit and prompt for new file on exit
* from last file in editor. Works very consistently.
* Specify control-key commands via: ^f1 - This means control f1
* Specify alt-key commands via: @f1 - This means alt f1
* Specify shift-key commands via: #f1 - This means shift f1
* There is also a provision for "multiple (two at most in the current
* implementation) key commands".
* For example, to make the control f1 control f2 sequence issue the
* exit command, try the following: ^f1_^f2 exit
* The key here is that the commands must be separated by a '_'.
* However, in this version macros cannot be assigned to "two key" commands
* For example alt f9 returns an ascii character of 0 and a scan code of
* 112 decimal. To make alt f9 issue the edit_file command, you could:
* 112 edit_file
* or
* @f9 edit_file
* This becomes especially useful if you have a macro processor and/or
* special keyboard that has extended keys that QEdit doesn't have names
* for. This gives you a method to use them.
* Either will work.
* Function key set
* NOTE: Line draw characters take more than one byte of storage
* so be carefull how many lines and columns you 'draw" in the
* QHELP.TXT file.
f1 quick_help
f2 next_file
f3 find
f4 next_window
f6 drop_anchor
f9 shell
f10 g_file
* enhanced keyboard only
#f1_c goto_column
#f1_l goto_line
#f2 save_file
#f3 find_replace
#f4 horizontal_window
#f6 mark_column
#f9 undo_cursorline
#f10 g_exit
* enhanced keyboard only
^f1 toggleEGA43
^f2 edit_file
^f3 repeat_find
^f4 zoom_window
* Macro for loading new files in another window - "Cute"
^f5 macro_begin horizontal_window editfile
^f6 copy_block
^f8 sort
^f9 dos
^f10 exit
* enhanced keyboard only
@f2 file
@f3 match
@f4 close_window
@f5 move_block
@f6 unmark_block
* Macro for "Quick loading .mac(s)" from the MACRO subdirectory
@f7 macro_begin macroread "c:\autil\*.mac" return
@f8 currentfilename
@f10_n NextPara
@f10_p PrevPara
* enhanced keyboard only
* special keys
cursorup cursor_up
cursordown cursor_down
cursorleft cursor_left
cursorright cursor_right
^cursorleft word_left
^cursorright word_right
home beg_line
end end_line
^home beg_screen
^end end_screen
pgup page_up
pgdn page_down
^pgdn end_file
^pgup beg_file
#tab tab_lt
tab tab_rt
ins paste
del del_ch

backspace backspace
^backspace del_lt_word
enter return
* Macro for controlling the indent with auto and sticky auto - "Convenient"
^enter Macro_Begin Return Beg_line
escape escape
grey* delete_block
grey+ copy
grey- cut
#del ExecuteScrap
#ins toggle_insert
` input_ch
~ input_ch
/ input_ch
^2 pasteover
^- get_prev
* NOTE: Blank keys are left for filling with the .mac files
* Reading in a .mac file with a different definition from
* the one in qconfig.dat disables the original macro until the
* editor is quit and restarted.
* alternate keys
@a Align
@b_d ToggleBoxDraw
@b_t ToggleBoxType
* Macro for copy down the columns
@c macrobegin get_prev CursorDown CursorLeft
@e_f Flip
@e_l Lower
@e_u Upper
* Macro for alternate help with the FKey assignments
@h macro_begin horizontal_window edit_file 'c:\autil\FKEYS.nfo' return
@j_j join_line
@j_l split_line
@k addline
@l mark_line
@m_b MakeBotOfScreen
@m_c MakeCtrOfScreen
@m_t MakeTopOfScreen
* Macro for loading an abbreviated "Qedit.doc" file -
@q macro_begin horizontalwindow editfile 'c:\autil\qref.doc' return
@r read_block
@s_l shiftleft
@s_r shiftright
@t ToggleTabsOut
@v toggletabsexpand
@w writeblock
* Macro that prompts you if a file has been changed on exit. Auto closes
* window return you to the window from which you called it NOT to the
* NEXT window.
@x macrobegin pquit prevwindow
@y gsave
@z copy_over_block
* Macros for looking for "WORD" at the cursor - backwards and forwards
@- MacroBegin MarkWord Copy Find Paste Return "ib" Return
@= MacroBegin MarkWord Copy Find Paste Return Return
* control keys
^a append_scrbuff
^b_b goto_block_beg
^b_e goto_block_end
^c storescrbuff
^d Dupline
^e del_to_eol
^f change_filename
^g get_scrbuff
^h_u HalfPgUp
^h_d HalfPgDn
^i_d InsertDate
^i_t InsertTime
^l literal
^m MarkWord
^o_l set_print_left_margin
^o_g grow_window
^o_n nextwindow
^o_p prev_window
^o_r set_rmargin
^o_s shrink_window
^o_w one_window
^p_f prev_file
^p_q pquit
^p_p prev_position
^q toggle_smart_tabs
^r del_rt_word
^s_d scroll_down
^s_l screen_left
^s_r screen_right
^s_u scroll_up
^t toggle_indent
^u unkill
^w_a AltWordSet
^w_d DefaultWordSet
^w_p WrapPara
^w_w toggle_wordwrap
* other enhanced only keys
greyenter return
^greyenter ExecuteScrap
^cursordown linedown
^cursorup lineup
* Th.Th.Th.That's all folks.

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Archive   : CLIPQMAC.ZIP
Filename : QCONFIG.DAT

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: