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CLP BAT 1174 8-12-89 Interface .bat file to call MSC Compiler
QCONFIG DAT 6477 8-12-89 Sampler qconfig.dat
CLIP DOC 2179 8-12-89 File containing MACROS
CLIP MAC 322 8-13-89 Compiled Clip.doc
FKEYS NFO 1678 8-12-89 Fkey Help file
ANSI_CLS TXT 1033 5-02-89 ANSI INFO on Screen controls
QHELP TXT 1971 8-10-89 Compatable help file for all this
ClipREAD ME 5740 8-12-89 This file

This is a series of fairly competent interlated macros and bat files
I use with Qedit v. 2.08. I am pleased to be a member of the elite group
of people which use this editor. The truly only impressive
macro is the "F7" AND "^F7" macros in clip.doc. This macro and the associated
others allow a great deal of flexability when checking for syntax
errors reported by your compiler.

Thanks to Sammy's new pause function, we users have gained some excellent
controls over the procedures which the editor can CALL for us. The
sequence of operations I USE to start up the editor is within a .bat file
as I go to work with my MSC complies by using
following command line:
set path= ...
set LIB= ...
cd \msc\source
qed scratch.fle -eclip.mac -lclip.mac (can use full path ie,
^ ^ -ec:\autil\misc\clip.mac
This starts the This loads which gives one the power to
first executable the .mac file "library" the macros in a single
macro in the .mac directory, if you wish)

The clip.doc file with the "F5" key WILL call the clp.bat file and passes
the name of the current file (minus the .prg) and pauses for any additional
command line parameter, ie -D is used for compiling and linking with the
"DEBUG" options set. The output of the commands are redirected to the
file ERRORS.lst and LINKR.lst and then combined by the copy command
into just ERRORS.LST. On return the macro continues by using a fresh
"window" and loading the file "ERRORS.LST". This is when the real fun

Now, how do we jump between the output of errors.lst and the lines in the
file we are really concerned about? Try reading the F7 and ^F7 keys in the
clip.doc file. These macros will walk through each error SEQUENTIALLY,
locating the error at the top of the window with ERRORS.LST and the cursor
will be in the ".prg" file window at or one line below the line with the
error. It's really neat. AANNDD..., it doesn't take a 20, 30 or 40 K
external .EXE to handle it all. Less FILLING AANNDD taste's GREAT.

Readem, they're documented (except the qconfig.dat, which is fairly
straight forward). Good luck, and good "Bug Hunting".

The author of these structures provides these "as is" with no implied
warrantee. If you would like to contribute to my work and help me pay for
the next major upgrade of QEDIT, send me $10.00 and I'll send some
other goodies along with the most recent versions of these macros. I'll
also set up other custom macros upon request ››.

What Other Tricks you ask?:

clip.bat and c.bat - RAM light WORKERS for interfacing with Qedit

c.doc - The complete tools for working with all c compilers. Helps
eliminate syntax errors, has predefined block structures,
fast. Examples for working with the editor and .C files.

clip.doc - The complete tools for working with clipper, DBXL, and Qsilver
This puppy will be upgraded to include the standard preprocessor
stuff when (if) Clipper 5.0 is released.

example.mak - a reference "make" file for building from multiple modules
without leaving the editor.

qref.doc - A streamlined Editor reference callable by a single key from
inside Qedit.

Library .bat - almost a .bat interperter! Not 100's of .bat files
One .bat file with 100's of options.
Helpful examples and explanations included.

DRCOPY.bat - Do you have one floppy drive and a hard disk
and can't copy SELECTIVE files from A: to A: without
even worse - Copy A:*.* C:
swap disks in a:
Copy C: A:
del c:whatever
del a:whatever
OR, do you want to make multiple
DRCOPY is copies of the same files without the "COPY ANOTHER
the cure. CYCLE"?
OR do you have a hard disk, a 360K floppy, and a
720 (1.44 meg.) floppy and it always seems impossible
to get just 'A' particular file or two from one to
other? Forget about multiple copies!!

Allow time for checks to clear or send money orders - please do not send
cash unless insured or use security envelope.

Folks, you don't have to buy my stuff to get GREAT environmental
power from this EDITOR. I'll just show you some things you may not have
thought of, and save you the time of experimenting and debugging. If you
use Qedit - Register it. The world needs more AFFORDABLE, COMPETENT
software and Programmers. So, dang it, give a little support to those like
Sammy Mitchell, which really do an EXCELLENT JOB.

Chuck Burfoot
(214) 328-6201
7425 La Vista Dr. #128
Dallas, TX 75214
CIS [73057,3204]

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Archive   : CLIPQMAC.ZIP
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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