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Programmers Reference
CLiPCAL is a handy pop-up-calendar with many features, that you
can use stand-alone, or link with any of your application programs.

Files included:
CALENDAR.OBJ - Clipper 87 link object for pop-up calendar.
CLIPCAL.DOC - Programmers reference.
CLIPCAL.PRG - Calendar application source code.
MAKEIT.BAT - Compile, link and execute batch file.
README - Shareware registration form.

Program description:
POPCAL.PRG is a simple application that was written as a back
drop for the pop-up calendar contained in CALENDAR.OBJ. The calling
method for POPCAL is illustrated in the application program. As you
can see the following parameters are passed to POPCAL:

Parameter Type Description
--------- ---- ------------
1 Logical .T. = leave cursor on when return.
.F. = leave cursor off when return.

2 Character String of other keys to return on (F1,etc.)
In CHR() format.(/Esc not needed here)

3 Character The color POPCAL sets when it returns.
In SET COLOR TO format. (e.g. 'W/N')

Note that all parameters are controlling the environment when
POPCAL returns and were provided as a convenience for allowing
POPCAL to restore the enviornment as you like on return.

Programming features:
POPCAL saves and restores the portion of the screen it overwrites

POPCAL automatically returns a string that contains the date you
selected by pressing the enter key. If the string is blank the
calendar was exited via Esc.

Use the arrow keys to change day, use the +/- to change the month
and the PgUp/Dn to change years.

Calendar color and location changes are only available through
registration. See the README file for more info.

Well I guess I've said enough, Have fun!

Best Clipping,

Mike Shepos

P.S. You can leave me msgs on N.O.C.C.C. BBS (714) 730-6743
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