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Last revision: July 4, 1986 at 8:35

BROWSE.PRG a Clipper emulation of the dBASE Browse command.

by: H.M. Van Tassell of Watchung, NJ

One of the dBASE features that is sorely missed in Clipper is Browse.
Sometime ago I got a copy of the procedure written by Stephen J. Straley.
I had judged the procedure as not usable because the code had just not
been finished. After waiting a goodly long time and not seeing a
revision, I finally decided to "have at it" and do a complete rewrite.

While this procedure offers most, but not all, the features of the
dBASEIII browse command, don't use it if the database contains 80+
character long fields!

As contained in the ARC file, the code will compile to a stand-alone
program but can also be used as a procedure in your programs by just
changing the items mentioned in the BROWSE.PRG file. You may well
want to make some other changes to customize to your preferences.
If the database file is already opened, be sure to comment out the
"DO B_OpnFil". In your program you may call the procedure with
"DO Browse WITH "FileName". Don't need to use file extension.

So that there is no cursor flashing, I use an assembly language
module called CURSOR which contains CursOn and CursOff. The
assembly language source plus the .OBJ file is in the ARC. Just
include the CURSOR.OBJ file, same as any other .OBJ file, when
linking the final program to generate the .EXE file.

My work on this program is hereby contributed freely into the
Public Domain with no restrictions on use. Ain't that what Public
Domain is suppose to be? I sure as hell regret that anyone ever started
this whole damn idea of shareware, freeware, beggarware, or as I like
to call it "Send A Donation ware". Get it? - SADware!

Hope you find this useful...