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The Blink Inc. BBS

Blink, Inc. has a free electronic bulletin board service (or BBS) for
the use of both registered users and non-owners of Blinker. All that is
needed to take advantage of this service is a modem and a PC with the
appropriate telecommunications software installed.

We have two USRobotics Courier 'HST' modems that should be compatible
with the following standards at the given data rate:

bits per second standard

300 Bell 103 or CCITT V2.1
1200 Bell 212a or CCITT V.22
2400 V.22 bis
9600 USRobotic's HST mode

The line settings are:

8 data bits No parity 1 stop bit

Normal transmission speed is 2400 bps (bits per second) with up to 9600
bps available only to modems that support 'HST' mode. We do not yet
support V.32 and V.42 communication.

File transfer:
Protocol supported: Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, and Kermit; with Zmodem the
easiest and most reliable. Some commonly requested files:

BLIDEM.ZIP Blinker's demonstration version.
BLIxxx.ZIP Upgrades for Blinker version xxx.
BULLETIN.ZIP Technical support articles.
BLIMAN.ZIP The Blinker Manual.
3RDPARTY.ZIP List of Blinker compatible third party products.
PROFILER.ZIP Blinker's latest Clipper profiler.
ALLFILES.TXT A list of all files available for downloading.
PKZ110.EXE Zip/unzip shareware utility.

For additional details about Blinker's BBS, see Appendix B in the
version 2 manual.

DATE 2/29/92