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This archived file contains the following files:

BARCODE .PRG - a dBASE language subroutine to print barcodes
BARCODE .DOC - you're looking at it.
NULL2PRN.BIN - a machine language routine to send a null to the printer
NULL2PRN.BAS - BASIC routine to create NULL2PRN.BIN
NULL2PRN.DOC - explains use of NULL2PRN within dBASE

BARCODE.PRG is a dBASE program which will print a barcode of a string passed
to it as a parameter. It will print numbers, A - Z (will convert lower case
a - z to upper case), spaces and the characters: . / - + % $. It is coded for
IBM graphics printers.

In order to use this program with dBASE, you must load the binary file
NULL2PRN so that you can send a null character (ASCII 0) to the printer.
There is separate documentation in this archived file explaining NULL2PRN.BIN.

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