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(C) Copyright 1991, All rights reserved.

!BASE is copyrighted by:

Cynthia L. Allingham
16411 McFadden Ave. #320
Tustin, Ca 92680
(714) 543-4241

!BASE - 5 command line utilities for dBase files:

!APPEND Super Sonic Append SDF. This utility appends
records faster than FoxPro or Clipper.

!COMP Compares the file stucture of any two DBF files.

!DIR Directory of DBF files. This utility displays the
number of records in each database.

!INDEX Directory of INDEX files. This utility displays
the index expression of NDX and NTX files.

!STRUCT Displays the structure of DBF files. This utility
has 3 optional parameters:

-a Array format for use with DBCREATE
-f FIELD declaration
-n Numeric definition of the field

All of the !Base utilities are small, fast, support redirection,
and path expansion.