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#ifndef WTimeIncluded
#define WTimeIncluded

// copyright (c) 1992, 1993 by Paul Wheaton, Banana Programming
// 1916 Brooks #205, Missoula, MT 59801
// phone: (406)543-1928
// CompuServe: 72707,207
// Internet: [email protected]
// BBS: (406)543-8234 (The Montana Banana BBS)


extern const char* MonthName[13]; // 0 is nothing, 1 is January
extern const char* WeekdayName[7]; // 0 is Monday

class JulianDate;

class Date
int Y,M,D; // Year, Month, Day
friend JulianDate;
Date(int Year, int Month, int Day){Y=Year;M=Month;D=Day;}
// Some of you programming greenhorns may be offended at the order
// of these parameters - more than once it paid off for me to order
// my stuff this way - most significant value first.
Date(const JulianDate&);
Date(const Date& X){Y=X.Y; M=X.M; D=X.D;}
Date(const char* Text);
int Year() const {return Y;}
String40 YearStr() const {return Form("@@@@",Y);}
int Month() const {return M;}
String40 MonthStr() const; // e.g. "January"
String40 MonthStr2() const; // e.g. "01" "02" ... "12"
String40 DayStr() const; // e.g. "01" "02" ... "31"
String40 FullDesc() const; // e.g. "Wednesday, September 24, 1965"
String40 ShortDesc() const; // e.g. "09-24-1965"
int Day() const {return D;}
int DOW() const;
String40 DayName() const; // e.g. "Monday"
String40 RelativePastStr() const;
void SetYear(int Year){Y=Year;}
void SetMonth(int Month){M=Month;}
void SetDay(int Day){D=Day;}
Bool Valid() const; // test to see if the date is a valid Gregorian day

void operator=(const JulianDate&);
void operator=(const Date& X){Y=X.Y; M=X.M; D=X.D;}

Bool operator==(const JulianDate&) const;
Bool operator<=(const JulianDate&) const;
Bool operator>=(const JulianDate&) const;
Bool operator!=(const JulianDate&) const;
Bool operator<(const JulianDate&) const;
Bool operator>(const JulianDate&) const;

JulianDate operator+(long Days) const;
JulianDate operator-(long Days) const;
long operator-(const JulianDate&) const;
JulianDate operator++(); // prefix operators
JulianDate operator--();
JulianDate operator++(int); // postfix operators
JulianDate operator--(int);
void operator+=(long Days);
void operator-=(long Days);
void* operator new(size_t size){return malloc(size);}
void operator delete(void* p) {free(p);}

class Moment;

const long MinutesInADay=1440;

class JulianDate
long J; // number of days since Jan 1, 0000
friend Date;
friend class Moment;
JulianDate(long JJ){J=JJ;}
JulianDate(int Year, int Month, int Day);
JulianDate(const JulianDate& JJ){J=JJ.J;}
JulianDate(const Date&);
JulianDate(const Moment& M);// {J=long(M)/MinutesInADay;}
long Val(){return J;}
int Year() const;
int Month() const;
int Day() const;
int DOW() const {return int((J-2)%7);}
String40 DayName() const;
String40 FullDesc() const;
String40 ShortDesc(){return Date(*this).ShortDesc();}
String40 RelativePastStr(Bool AlphaDate=True) const;
void SetYear(int Year);
void SetMonth(int Month);
void SetDay(int Day);

void operator=(const JulianDate& JJ){J=JJ.J;}
void operator=(const Date&);

Bool operator==(const JulianDate& JJ) const {return Bool(J==JJ.J);}
Bool operator<=(const JulianDate& JJ) const {return Bool(J<=JJ.J);}
Bool operator>=(const JulianDate& JJ) const {return Bool(J>=JJ.J);}
Bool operator!=(const JulianDate& JJ) const {return Bool(J!=JJ.J);}
Bool operator<(const JulianDate& JJ) const {return Bool(J Bool operator>(const JulianDate& JJ) const {return Bool(J>JJ.J);}
Bool operator==(long JJ) const {return Bool(J==JJ);}
Bool operator<=(long JJ) const {return Bool(J<=JJ);}
Bool operator>=(long JJ) const {return Bool(J>=JJ);}
Bool operator!=(long JJ) const {return Bool(J!=JJ);}
Bool operator<(long JJ) const {return Bool(J Bool operator>(long JJ) const {return Bool(J>JJ);}
friend Bool operator==(long J,const JulianDate& JJ) {return Bool(J==JJ.J);}
friend Bool operator<=(long J,const JulianDate& JJ) {return Bool(J<=JJ.J);}
friend Bool operator>=(long J,const JulianDate& JJ) {return Bool(J>=JJ.J);}
friend Bool operator!=(long J,const JulianDate& JJ) {return Bool(J!=JJ.J);}
friend Bool operator<(long J,const JulianDate& JJ) {return Bool(J friend Bool operator>(long J,const JulianDate& JJ) {return Bool(J>JJ.J);}

JulianDate operator+(long Days) const;
JulianDate operator-(long Days) const;
long operator-(const JulianDate& JJ) const {return J-JJ.J;}
JulianDate operator++(){J++; return *this;}
JulianDate operator--(){J--; return *this;}
JulianDate operator++(int);
JulianDate operator--(int);
void operator+=(long Days){J+=Days;}
void operator-=(long Days){J-=Days;}
void* operator new(size_t size){return malloc(size);}
void operator delete(void* p) {free(p);}

Date Today();

class Moment;

class Time // still working on this one
int H; // 0..23
int M; // 0..59
int S; // 0..59
Time(int Hr=0, int Min=0, int Sec=0){H=Hr; M=Min; S=Sec;}
Time(const Moment&);
String40 Desc();
String40 ShortDesc();
void* operator new(size_t size){return malloc(size);}
void operator delete(void* p) {free(p);}

Time CurTime();

class Moment
long M;
Moment(long X=0){M=X;}
Moment(Moment& MM){M=MM.M;}
Moment(const JulianDate& J){M=J.J*MinutesInADay;}
Moment(const JulianDate& J, const Time&);
Moment(const JulianDate& J, int Hour, int Minute);
operator long() const {return M;}
//operator JulianDate();//{return JulianDate(M/MinutesInADay);}
int MinCount(){return int(M%MinutesInADay);}
void SetMinCount(int X){M=M-MinCount()+X;}
void operator=(long X){M=X;}
void operator=(Moment MM){M=MM.M;}
// comparison operators
Bool operator==(long X) const {return (M==X);}
Bool operator!=(long X) const {return (M!=X);}
Bool operator<=(long X) const {return (M<=X);}
Bool operator>=(long X) const {return (M>=X);}
Bool operator<(long X) const {return (M Bool operator>(long X) const {return (M>X);}
Bool operator==(Moment X) const {return (M==X.M);}
Bool operator!=(Moment X) const {return (M!=X.M);}
Bool operator<=(Moment X) const {return (M<=X.M);}
Bool operator>=(Moment X) const {return (M>=X.M);}
Bool operator<(Moment X) const {return (M Bool operator>(Moment X) const {return (M>X.M);}
friend Bool operator==(long X, Moment M) {return (X==Mend Bool operator==(long X, Momen friend Bool operatnapd ;}
oBool W (X==Mo) const {return (M -i=l operator==(long X, Momen )ferator==(long X, Momen friend Boo=l operator==(long X, Momen )>erator==(long // modifie-MinCount( JulianDate operator-int +MinCount(){return int(M%M+inutesInADayDesc();
X,FatalError("increesInAa moesInAbyAa moesIn"tor // nonAallow

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