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#ifndef WMiscIncluded
#define WMiscIncluded

// copyright (c) 1992, 1993 by Paul Wheaton, Banana Programming
// 1916 Brooks #205, Missoula, MT 59801
// phone: (406)543-1928
// CompuServe: 72707,207
// Internet: [email protected]
// BBS: (406)543-8234 (The Montana Banana BBS)

// one big header file for miscelaneous odds n ends
// this file is generally included by all other header files

// these types are for readability or for making sure that you
// use the same size of integral storage across platforms
typedef unsigned char Bool;
typedef unsigned char Byte;
typedef signed char SByte;
typedef unsigned short Word;
typedef signed short SWord;
typedef unsigned long Long;
typedef signed long SLong;
typedef unsigned int UInt;

typedef char* CharStar; // has to be fed to some macros

// constants related to above types. The Size of these things will stay the
// same from system to system.

const char MaxChar = 255;
const Byte MaxByte = 255;
const SByte MaxSByte = 127;
const SByte MinSByte = (-128);
const Word MaxWord = 0xFFFF;
const SWord MaxSWord = 32767;
const SWord MinSWord = 0x8000; // (-32768);
const IntLen=sizeof(int);
#if IntLen==2
const int MaxInt = 32767;
const int MinInt = 0x8000; // (-32768);
const UInt MaxUInt = 0xFFFF;
const int MaxInt = 0x7FFFFFFFL; // 2147483647;
const int MinInt = 0x80000000L; // (-2147483648);
const UInt MaxUInt = 0xFFFFFFFFL;
const SLong MaxSLong = 0x7FFFFFFFL; // 2147483647;
const Long MaxLong = 0xFFFFFFFFL;
const SLong MinSLong = 0x80000000L; // (-2147483648);

const long AMillion=1000000L;
const long ABillion=1000000000L;

const Bool True = 1;
const Bool False = 0;
const Bool Yes = 1;
const Bool No = 0;
const Bool On = 1;
const Bool Off = 0;

/* the following have values < 0 so that they may be used as alternatives to
text placement rountines that need positive values */

const int Left=(MinInt+1);
const int Center=(MinInt+2);
const int Right=(MinInt+3);

const int NotFound=-1;
//const long VecObjNotFound=-1;
// used with some search functions.

/* misc. macros */

SByte Abs(SByte x);
SWord Abs(SWord x);
int Abs(int x);
SLong Abs(SLong x);
float Abs(float x);
double Abs(double x);

Byte Max(Byte a, Byte b );
SByte Max(SByte a, SByte b );
Word Max(Word a, Word b );
SWord Max(SWord a, SWord b );
int Max(int a, int b );
UInt Max(UInt a, UInt b );
Long Max(Long a, Long b );
SLong Max(SLong a, SLong b );
double Max(double a, double b);

Byte Min(Byte a, Byte b );
SByte Min(SByte a, SByte b );
Word Min(Word a, Word b );
SWord Min(SWord a, SWord b );
int Min(int a, int b );
UInt Min(UInt a, UInt b );
Long Min(Long a, Long b );
SLong Min(SLong a, SLong b );
double Min(double a, double b);

Bool InRange(Byte Val, Byte Low, Byte High);
Bool InRange(SByte Val, SByte Low, SByte High);
Bool InRange(Word Val, Word Low, Word High);
Bool InRange(SWord Val, SWord Low, SWord High);
Bool InRange(int Val, int Low, int High);
Bool InRange(UInt Val, UInt Low, UInt High);
Bool InRange(Long Val, Long Low, Long High);
Bool InRange(SLong Val, SLong Low, SLong High);
Bool InRange(double Val, double Low, double High);
Bool InRange(long double Val, long double Low, long double High);

SLong Round(double Val); // .2 => 0 .7 => 1 -.2 => 0 -.7 => -1
SLong RoundUp(double Val); // .2 => 1 .7 => 1 -.2 => 0 -.7 => 0
SLong RoundDown(double Val); // .2 => 0 .7 => 0 -.2 => -1 -.7 => -1
SLong RoundOut(double Val); // .2 => 1 .7 => 1 -.2 => -1 -.7 => -1
SLong RoundIn(double Val); // .2 => 0 .7 => 0 -.2 => 0 -.7 => 0

char ToUpper(char C);
char ToLower(char C);

void PigeonHole(Long TotQuan, int ArrayLen, int A[]);
// spreads TotQuan as evenly as possible over A

Long SystemTick(); // returns the current system tick


#ifndef MAJORBBS

inline void Delay(int MilliSecs) {delay(MilliSecs);}

void Sound(float Pitch,int MilliSecs);
// a little bit of control over the pc speaker

void Beep(int Num=1);
// Num is the number of beeps ya want


#define Randomize() srand((int) time(NULL))
// Initializes (seeds) the random number generator

#define Random(Max) (int(rand() % Max))
// returns a random integer in the range of 0 to Max excluding Max

#define DebugPause(Msg) {puts(Msg "\n"); Delay(2500); }
// prints the message and then pauses a bit. Used in debugging

#define CopyArray(Dest,Source) memcpy(Dest,Source,sizeof(Dest))
// Dest must be something that sizeof will work on

#define CopyString(Dest,Source) (strncpy(Dest,Source,sizeof(Dest)-1),Dest[sizeof(Dest)-1]=0)
// For the type (Char*,Char*) Dest must be something that sizeof will work on

#define ClearStruct(A) memset((void*)(&A),0,sizeof(A))
// fill a struct with zeros

#define ClearArray(A) memset(A,0,sizeof(A))
/* fill an array with zeros. Array must be defined so that sizeof will
work on it */

// Given these objects, standard CRC16 will be calculated
Word CRC(void* P,Long Size);
Word CRC(const char* S);

#define Loop while(1)
// structure for an infinite loop

#define For(TheVar,TheEnd) for(TheVar=0;TheVar // Makes for a simpler, more readable, less error prone loop.
// Use "For(I,10)" instead of "for(I=0;I<10;I++)"

typedef void (* VoidFuncPtr)(void);
typedef Bool (* BoolFuncPtr)(void);
typedef void (* VoidFuncCharPtr)(char);

void BigMemCopy(void* Dest, const void* Source, long Size);

char* MallocAndCopy(const char* S);
// malloc just enough space for S and a null terminator. must use "free()"!

void FatalError(const char*);


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Archive   : WLIB.ZIP
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