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#ifndef WDBaseIncluded
#define WDBaseIncluded

// copyright (c) 1992, 1993 by Paul Wheaton, Banana Programming
// 1916 Brooks #205, Missoula, MT 59801
// phone: (406)543-1928
// CompuServe: 72707,207
// Internet: [email protected]
// BBS: (406)543-8234 (The Montana Banana BBS)

#define S4FOX
//#define S4DEBUG

#include // codebase stuff

String40 DateToDBase(const Date&);
Date DBaseToDate(const char*);

void DBaseAutoOpen(Bool OnOff); // turn the index "auto-open" feature on and off

class Field
Field(F4FIELD* FF){F=FF;}
void operator=(const char* St){f4assign(F,(char*)St);}
void Assign(const char* St){f4assign(F,(char*)St);}
operator const char*(){return f4str(F);}
operator String() {return String(f4str(F));}
String St() {return String(f4str(F));}

void operator=(double D){f4assign_double(F,D);}
void Assign(double D){f4assign_double(F,D);}
operator double(){return f4double(F);}
double D(){return f4double(F);}

void operator=(int I){f4assign_int(F,I);}
void Assign(int I){f4assign_int(F,I);}
operator int(){return f4int(F);}
int I(){return f4int(F);}

void operator=(long L){f4assign_long(F,L);}
void Assign(long L){f4assign_long(F,L);}
operator long(){return f4long(F);}
long L(){return f4long(F);}

// void operator=(Bool B){f4assign_char(F,(B?'T':'F'));}
void AssignBool(Bool B){f4assign_char(F,(B?'T':'F'));}
// operator Bool(){return f4true(F);}
Bool B(){return f4true(F);}

void operator=(const Date& D){f4assign(F,(char*)(const char*)DateToDBase(D));}
void Assign(const Date& D){f4assign(F,(char*)(const char*)DateToDBase(D));}
operator Date(){return DBaseToDate(f4str(F));}
//Date D(){return DbaseToDate(f4str(F));}

void Blank(){f4blank(F);}
const char* Name(){return f4name(F);}
int Len(){return f4len(F);}

typedef F4FIELD* FieldStar;


class DBase
D4DATA* D; // points to the data CodeBase keeps on this database
DBaseFieldVector V;
Bool Closed;
DBase(const char* FileName);
~DBase() {Close();}
operator D4DATA*(){return D;}
void Close();
void Top() {d4top(D);}
void Bottom() {d4bottom(D);}
Bool bof() {return (d4bof(D)!=0);}
Bool eof() {return (d4eof(D)!=0);}
// "EOF" (vs. "eof") will not work due to conflict with ANSI lib "EOF"
void Delete() {d4delete(D);}
Bool Deleted() {return d4deleted(D);}
long RecNum() {return d4recno(D);}
void GetRec(long R) {d4go(D,R);}
Field F(const char* FieldName) {return d4field(D,(char*)FieldName);}
Field F(int FieldNum) {return V(FieldNum);}
int FieldNum(const char* FieldName) {return d4field_number(D,(char*)FieldName);}
int NumFields() {return d4num_fields(D);}
long NumRecs() {return d4reccount(D);}
int Seek(const char* SearchText) {return d4seek(D,(char*)SearchText);}
int Seek(long SearchVal) {return d4seek(D,(char*)(const char*)Str(SearchVal));}
Bool Skip(long Num=1) {return (d4skip(D,Num)==0);}
void SetIndexTag(const char* TagName);
void SetDefaultTag() {d4tag_default(D);}
void AppendBlank() {d4append_blank(D);}
void AppendStart(Bool UseMemo=True) {d4append_start(D,UseMemo);}
void Blank(){d4blank(D);}
double Percent() {return d4position(D);}
void Flush(){d4flush_record(D);}
void FlushAll(){d4flush_all(D);} // flushes indexes too
T4TAG* Tag(const char* TagName=NULL);
// if NULL is passed, the default is used

class DBaseTag
DBaseTag(DBase& DB,const char* Tag=NULL){T=DB.Tag(Tag);}
Bool Top() {return (t4top(T)==0);}
void Bottom() {t4bottom(T);}
Bool eof() {return (t4eof(T)!=0);}
long Skip(long Num=1) {return t4skip(T,Num);}
// returns number skipped (note that eof is weird with Skip)
double Percent() {return t4position(T);}
long RecNum() {return t4recno(T);}
int Seek(const char* SearchText) {return t4seek(T,(char*)SearchText,strlen(SearchText));}
int Seek(long SearchVal) {return t4seek(T,&SearchVal,4);}

// internal use only

extern const char* NotDeleted; // =".NOT. DELETED()";

const int DBAscending=0;
const int DBDescending=r4descending;

class CreateDBaseFile // a DBase file is created and closed
CDBFVector FV;
CDBTVector TV;
String120 Name;
CreateDBaseFile(const char* FileName){Name=FileName;}
void DefineField(const char* FieldName,char Type='C',int Width=20,int Decimals=0);
void DefineTag(const char* TagName, const char* KeyExpression,
const char* FilterExpression=NotDeleted, int Unique=0, int Descending=0);
void Done();

class CreateDBaseIndex
DBase* DB;
CDBTVector TV;
String120 Name;
Bool Finished;
CreateDBaseIndex(DBase& D,const char* IndexFileName=NULL);
void DefineTag(const char* TagName, const char* KeyExpression,
const char* FilterExpression=NotDeleted, int Unique=0, int Descending=0);
void Done();
// deletes IndexFileName (if it exists) and creates an index.
// re-indexes on all tags. sets active index to the first tag given

void CreateADBaseIndex(DBase& DB,const char* IndexFileName,const char* TagName,
const char* KeyExpression,const char* FilterExpression=NotDeleted,
int Unique=0,int Descending=0);
// deletes IndexFileName (if it exists) and creates an index.
// re-indexes. sets active index to TagName


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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: