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#ifndef WBtrieveIncluded
#define WBtrieveIncluded

// copyright (c) 1992, 1993 by Paul Wheaton, Banana Programming
// 1916 Brooks #205, Missoula, MT 59801
// phone: (406)543-1928
// CompuServe: 72707,207
// Internet: [email protected]
// BBS: (406)543-8234 (The Montana Banana BBS)


const int BtrieveNormal=0;
const int BtrieveAccelerated=-1;
const int BtrieveReadOnly=-2;
const int BtrieveVerify=-3;
const int BtrieveExclusive=-4;

class Btrieve
char PosBlock[128]; // storage area for BTrieve
Bool Closed;
char* Buffy; // storage for the current record
int BuffyLen;
int LastKey;
int Stat;
char* Keys[10]; // where the keys are in Buffy
Btrieve(const char* FileName, int BiggestRecSize,int Mode=0);
void Close();
// Get functions return the size of the record retrieved - 0 if problem
int GetFirst(int KeyNum=0);
int GetLast(int KeyNum=0);
int GetNext();
int GetPrev();
int GetE(int SearchVal, int KeyNum=0);
int GetE(const char* SearchVal, int KeyNum=0);
int GetE(long SearchVal, int KeyNum=0);
int GetG(int SearchVal, int KeyNum=0);
int GetG(const char* SearchVal, int KeyNum=0);
int GetG(long SearchVal, int KeyNum=0);
int GetGE(int SearchVal, int KeyNum=0);
int GetGE(const char* SearchVal, int KeyNum=0);
int GetGE(long SearchVal, int KeyNum=0);
int GetL(int SearchVal, int KeyNum=0);
int GetL(const char* SearchVal, int KeyNum=0);
int GetL(long SearchVal, int KeyNum=0);
int GetLE(int SearchVal, int KeyNum=0);
int GetLE(const char* SearchVal, int KeyNum=0);
int GetLE(long SearchVal, int KeyNum=0);
void* Cur(){return Buffy;}
Bool Update(); // returns False on any error
Bool Update(int RecLen);
Bool Insert(const void* Rec=NULL);
Bool Insert(const void* Rec,int Len);
// set the local record and write that to the file
Bool Insert(int Len){return Insert(NULL,Len);}
void DelCur(); // the last record loaded up is killed from the database
long Position();
int GetDirect(long Pos);

#define CreateBtrieveClass(ClassName,ObjType) \
class ClassName: public Btrieve \
{ \
public: \
ClassName(const char* Name,int Mode=BtrieveNormal) \
:Btrieve(Name,sizeof(ObjType),Mode){} \
ObjType& Cur(){return *((ObjType*)(Btrieve::Cur()));} \
Bool Insert(const ObjType& X){return Btrieve::Insert(&X);} \
Bool Insert(const ObjType& X, int Len) \
{return Btrieve::Insert(&X,Len);} \
Bool Insert(){return Btrieve::Insert();} \
Bool Insert(int Len){return Btrieve::Insert(Len);} \

// internal use only
struct KeySpec
int Pos;
int Len;
BitSet16 Flags;
long NotUsed;
char ExtendedType;
char NullValue;
long Reserved;

// internal use only

// internal use only
struct FileSpec
int RecLen;
int PageSize;
int NumIndexes;
long Unused;
BitSet16 Flags;
int Reserved;
int PreAllocation;

enum BtrieveKeyType {BKInt,BKStringFast,BKString};
// BKStringFast will be case sensitive

class CreateBtrieveFile
FileSpec F;
KeySpecVec K;
const char* Name;
Bool Closed;
Bool IncludeACS;
CreateBtrieveFile(const char* FileName, int RecSize, int PageSize);
void SetVariableLength() {F.Flags[0]=On;} // variable length records
void SetAutoTrim() {F.Flags[1]=On;} // trim trailing spaces of VLR?
void SetCompression(){F.Flags[3]=On;}
void SetKeyOnly(){F.Flags[4]=On;}
void SetFreeSpaceThreshold(int Percent); // accepts 10, 20, 30
void PreAllocatePages(int Pages);
void DefineKey(int Pos, int Len, BtrieveKeyType BKT, Bool Duplicates,
Bool Modifiable, int KeyNum=0);
void Done();


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Archive   : WLIB.ZIP
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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