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Output of file : WBTRIEVE.DOC contained in archive : WLIB.ZIP
In order to compile this, you will need to have WLIB.ZIP and the Btrieve
developers kit - see the end of this file for more info.

All of my source has a copyright on it, yet these libraries are really
closer to "public domain". I want people to feel free to pass it along,
include it in libraries that they use and sell with the idea that everyone
will have a common base for string, file, vector and linked list libraries.
I just don't want them modified without my consent (if you need something
different, why don't you inherit what you see?). I encourage that this
product be included with compilers, libraries, books and tutorials. Free.

Registration of this product is $50. Registration will provide you with

The most recent copy of the library
"Wheaton Windows" A simple user interface for text mode
The parser, with source

copyright (c) 1992, 1993 by Paul Wheaton
1916 Brooks #205, Missoula, MT 59801

voice phone: (406)543-1928
CompuServe: 72707,207
Internet: [email protected]

Visa and MC accepted

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Wheaton Libraries is a class library for C++

Some of the objects are

String (dynamic string type with full type checking)
String40, String120 (static (stack) based strings)
Form (Pass in a value and get a string back like "1,234,555.22")
LinkedList (doubly linked list class)
CreateLinkedListClass (Make your own typed linked list)
Queue, Stack (variations on LinkedList)
File, TextFile, RecFile (Makes file manipulation much easier)
TokenFile (Store thousands of files or different objects in
one file - kinda like a heap on disk)
File utilities (a variety of functions for copying files,
taking CRC, etc)
ByteVector (a dynamic array of bytes)
CreateVectorClass (make vectors of any object you want)
BitVector (dynamic arrays of thousands of booleans that take up
one bit of memory for each boolean)
CreateBitSetClass (make static bitsets that work like the
BitSets in Turbo Pascal or Modula 2)
Date, JulianDate (objects for working with dates)
dBase (a C++ class interface for the CodeBase libraries)
BtrieveFile (a C++ class interface for the Btrieve libraries)
much, much more!

These libraries are designed for optimal use in the cold, cruel world of
practical programming. It is my belief that the molding of C++ into a
SmallTalk environment kills the beauty of C++. I write object oriented
extensions to C++ that compiles very tight and fast while maintaining high
portability. If you want a SmallTalk-like environment, use SmallTalk! I
hope that this code allows all C++ programmers to develop smaller and
faster programs in less time.

Look for the file WLIB.ZIP. It includes full source code.

Look for WPARSE.ZIP - Source Parser. This will break up your large .OBJ
files so that your executable programs are much smaller and faster.

Look for WW.ZIP - Wheaton Windows. A simple user interface for text mode.
Clean looking. Very powerful. Handles two video devices. Includes about
a dozen types of menus including menus for users to shift the order of
their selections or to make selections. There are numeric editing
functions that can give integers a fixed decimal place. There are string
editing functions that allow you to specify what keys are acceptable for
different parts of a mask. Scroll bar types allow for scrolling through
huge, sophisticated menus or through text files or reports. More! Fully
integrated with WLIB.

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