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Title: Sample shows how to use MSOUTLIN.VBX in MFC application


OUTVBX is a sample program that demonstrates how to use the Outline
VBX control (MSOUTLIN.VBX) from Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 within
an MFC application. The Outline control allows you to display data
in a hierarchical listbox which supports 5 different styles.

OUTVBX.ZIP can be found in the Software/Data Library by searching on
the word OUTVBX, the Q number of this article, or Sxxxxx. OUTVBX was
archived using the PKware file-compression utility.


Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 introduced a hierarchical listbox VBX
control that can be very useful to display data. The Outline control
supports the use of bitmaps and lines to expand and collapse the
visual display (similar to the File Manager in Windows 3.1).

This sample program also shows how to dynamically modify a picture
property for a typical VBX control. The default picture values in
MSOUTLIN.VBX are not functional in an MFC application so the
properties must be reinitialized during runtime. The pictures used
are included as resources by App Studio in the .RC file.

Contributed by: Phillip Cooper Microsoft Developer Support