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ReadMe file for newmat07, an experimental matrix package in C++.

Documentation is in newmata.txt, newmatb.txt and newmatc.txt.

This is a minor upgrade on newmat06 to correct some errors, improve
efficiency and improve compatibility with a range of compilers. It
includes some new FFT functions and an option for allowing C style
subscripts. You should upgrade from newmat06. If you are using << to
load a real into a submatrix please change this to =.

If you are upgrading from newmat03 or newmat04 note the following

.hxx files are now .h files

real changed to Real

BOOL changed to Boolean

CopyToMatrix changed to AsMatrix, etc

real(A) changed to A.AsScalar()

option added in include.h for version 2.1 or later

added band matrices

added exceptions.

Newmat07 is quite a bit longer that newmat04, so if you are almost out of
space with newmat04, don't throw newmat04 away until you have checked your
program will work under newmat07.

See the section on changes in newmata.txt for other changes.