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//(c) 1990, Miller Freeman Publications
//Released to the public domain
//Disclaimer of warranty: If you use this and something bad happens, you can
//have my sympathy but not my money
//Larry O'Brien
//V. 3.0

#ifndef NEURAL_HPP
#define NEURAL_HPP

#define OUTLAYER (nLayers - 1)

//Portability defines. These are the functions which should give you
//some trouble if you're trying to port the code to another compiler
//You could replace them other compiler-specific code or, for maximum
//portability, ANSI escape sequences. Or, leave DISPLAY_YES undefined
//and they will be stripped out. The network will run and tell you only
//the total error (for all patterns). Boring, but portable
#define CURSOR_GOTO gotoxy
#define SET_TEXT_ATTR textcolor
#define CLEAR_SCREEN clrscr
#define DOS_PRINT cprintf

const int M_FACTOR = 5; //This scales the input to the neuron
const int MAX_LAYERS = 3;
const int MAX_NEURONS = 40;
const int ALLOC_ERR = 5;

enum bool{false,true};

struct Neuron{
void setZero(void);
inline void transfer(void);
inline float derivTransfer(float);
void sumOfErrors(float);
float input;
float output;
float error;

struct Connection{
void set(Neuron*, Neuron*);
void setRandom(float, float, float);
void displaySelf(void);
inline void feedForward(void);
float weight;
float learningConstant;
float samadCoefficient;
float momentum;
float delta;
Neuron* n1;
Neuron* n2;
void adjust(void);
inline int firstNeuronIs(Neuron* n);
inline int secondNeuronIs(Neuron* n);

struct Pattern{
int getMem(int, int);
float* in;
int* out;

class Network{
Neuron* neuron[MAX_LAYERS][MAX_NEURONS];
Connection* cnxn;
int nLayers;
int nCnxns, nNeurons;
int* nInLayer;
int nPatterns;
int atPattern;
int inWidth, inDepth, outWidth, outDepth;
int iteration;
Pattern* pat;
float acceptableError;
float thisPatternError;
float totalError;
void adjustWeights(void);
void calcOutputError(void);
void calcMiddleError(void);
Network(int, int*);
bool trained(void);
bool trainingFile(char*);
void displayDiff(void);
void display(void);
void displayTotalError(void);
void displayPerformance(unsigned long);
void forwardPass(void);
void backwardProp(void);
void allForward(void);
bool atEpochEnd(void);
void zeroTotalError(void);


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Archive   : NEURCSP.ZIP
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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