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/* -------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* Mouse++ Version 3.0 mouse.h Revised 02/21/92 */
/* */
/* General mouse class for Turbo C++/Borland C++. */
/* Copyright 1991, 1992 by Carl W. Moreland */
/* This source code may be freely distributed as long as the copyright */
/* notice remains intact. */
/* -------------------------------------------------------------------- */

#ifndef MOUSEdotH
#define MOUSEdotH


#define LEFTBUTTON 0 // mouse button assignments

#define CURSORSOFT 0 // used in struct TextCursor
#define CURSORHARD 1

#define MOUSE_MOVED 0x01 // event masks for event handler
#define LB_PRESSED 0x02
#define LB_RELEASED 0x04
#define RB_PRESSED 0x08
#define RB_RELEASED 0x10
#define CB_PRESSED 0x20
#define CB_RELEASED 0x40

#define SHIFT_PRESSED 0x08 // key shift masks
#define RSHIFT_PRESSED 0x10
#define LSHIFT_PRESSED 0x20
#define CTRL_PRESSED 0x40
#define ALT_PRESSED 0x80

#define EventExit() __emit__(0x5D,0x5F,0x5E,0x1F,0x07,\

/* -------------------------------------------------------------------
The above emitted code is equivalent to the following assembler code:

pop bp
pop di
pop si
pop ds
pop es ;interrupt exit processing
pop dx
pop cx
pop bx
pop ax
retf ;far return
------------------------------------------------------------------- */

void interrupt MouseHandler(void);

struct GraphicsCursor // structure for graphics cursor (0x09)
unsigned char hotx, hoty; // hot spot; (0,0) = upper left corner
unsigned *image; // 16 x 16 pixel screen and cursor masks
}; // see cursor.h for predefined cursors

struct TextCursor // structure for text cursor (0x0A)
int type; // hard or soft cursor
unsigned arg1, arg2; // screen and cursor masks

struct OldEventHandler // structure to save old handler (0x14)
unsigned mask; // event mask
unsigned segment, offset; // address of event handler

struct MouseInfo // structure to return data (0x24)
unsigned char type; // bus=1, serial=2, InPort=3, PS/2=4, HP=5
unsigned char majorvers; // software major version
unsigned char minorvers; // software minor version
unsigned char irq; // IRQ used (2-7), 0 for PS/2

struct MouseEvent // event buffer structure
unsigned char event; // trigger event
unsigned char button; // button status
unsigned int x, y; // cursor coordinates
unsigned int xcount, ycount; // mickeys moved since last event
long time; // time event occurred

struct MouseClick // MultiClick buffer structure
unsigned char count; // number of clicks
long time; // time of last click

class Mouse
static unsigned char exists; // 1 if mouse found, 0 if not
static unsigned char enabled; // 1 if mouse enabled, 0 if not
static unsigned char visible; // keeps track of Hide() & Show()
static unsigned char buttons; // number of buttons
static unsigned char button; // button status
static int x, y; // x & y position of cursor
static int xcount, ycount; // mickeys moved since last event
static unsigned char hotx, hoty; // cursor hot spot coords
static int oldeventmask; // oldeventxxx holds info on the event
static int oldeventseg; // handler that was active when Mouse
static int oldeventoff; // was initiated. Used in restore.

MouseEvent Buffer[MOUSE_BUFFER_SIZE]; // event buffer
static unsigned char HeadPtr; // buffer pointer
static unsigned char TailPtr; // buffer pointer
unsigned char eventMask;
void interrupt (*eventHandler)(void);
static unsigned char event; // current event
static unsigned char handlerInstalled;// event handler flag

MouseClick Click[3]; // MultiClick buffer
static unsigned clickThreshold; // MultiClick threshold

MouseInfo Info;

unsigned char Exists() { return exists; }
unsigned char Visible() { return visible; }
unsigned char Buttons() { return buttons; }
unsigned char Button() { return button; }

int xPos() { return x; }
int yPos() { return y; }
int xCount() { return xcount; }
int yCount() { return ycount; }
unsigned char LB_Dn() { return (0x01 & button); }
unsigned char RB_Dn() { return (0x02 & button); }
unsigned char CB_Dn() { return (0x04 & button); }

void Enable(void);
void Disable(void);
void Show(void);
void Hide(void);
void Move(int x, int y);
void Position(void);
void Motion(void);
int Pressed(int mbutton);
int Released(int mbutton);
int InBox(int left, int top, int right, int bottom);
void Exclude(int left, int top, int right, int bottom);
int MultiClick(int mbutton);
int DoubleClick(int mbutton);
void ClearClick(int mbutton);

void xLimit(int min, int max);
void yLimit(int min, int max);
void SetGraphicsCursor(GraphicsCursor& cursor);
void SetTextCursor(TextCursor& cursor);
void MickToPix(int horiz, int vert);
void SetSpeedThreshold(unsigned speed);
void SetClickThreshold(unsigned time);

void InstallHandler(unsigned mask,
void interrupt (*handler)(void) = MouseHandler);
void ClearHandler(void);
void Save(int event, int button, int x, int y, int xcount, int ycount);
void GetEvent(void);
void ClearEvent(void);
void ClearBuffer(void);

extern Mouse mouse;


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