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* LVS Windows
* The Window Class System
* Copyright 1991 (c), Lake View Software
* 4321 Harborough Rd.
* Columbus, OH 43220
* All rights reserved.
// LVS_Prn.hpp

#ifndef LVS_PRN_HPP
#define LVS_PRN_HPP

#include "LVSwin.HPP"

// Default printer setup codes
#define EPSON_INIT "t1"
#define EPSON_RESET ""
#define EPSON_UNDERLINE "-1"
#define EPSON_BOLD "E"
#define EPSON_COMPRESS "\x0f"
#define EPSON_NORMAL "-0F"

#pragma warn -par

class Win_Prn:public WinObj
void display() // Display window contents on top
{ needs_display = 0;}; // Fake for virtual
void update(int start_pos,int len) // Fake for virtual
{ needs_display = 0;}; // Update a portion of window

char *prn_port;
FILE *fp;

char *Init;
char *Reset;
char *Underline;
char *Bold;
char *Normal;
char *Compress;

Win_Prn (char *port="LPT1", int v_h=66,int v_w=132);
int open (int sr, int sc, int er, int ec, // Fake an open for virtual
int btype = W_DOUBLE, int wattr = _BLACK|LGREY,
int battr = _BLACK|LGREY);
int open ();
int Win_Prn::change_port (char *new_port);
void shadow(int on_off=W_ON) {}; // Fake Turn window shadow on/off
void update() {needs_display = 0;}; // Fake update
void show_cursor() {}; // Show cursor in window
void close(); // Close the window object.
void set_active() {}; // fake makes window current window
int get_key(int echo=W_NOECHO, int seconds = 0) {return 0;};
int read (int clear=1) {clear_gets(); return 0;}; // Dummy Read all defined gets

/* Window Movement */
void hide() {}; // Dummy Hide window
void unhide() {}; // Dummy Show window
int move(int new_y,int new_x) {return W_OK;}; // Dummy Move the window
int size(int new_height,int new_width) {return W_OK;}; // DummyResize
int print_page (int count = 1); // send page to the printer
void clean_page () {clr_win();}; // make a Clean page

void set_pageattr (int new_attr); // changes the entire pages attributes

/* Printer setup strings */
void define_init (char *new_init);
void define_reset (char *new_reset);
void define_underline (char *new_underline);
void define_bold (char *new_bold);
void define_compress (char *new_compress);
void define_normal (char *new_normal);

#pragma warn +par

#endif /* LVS_PRN_HPP */

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Archive   : LVSWIN31.ZIP
Filename : LVS_PRN.HPP

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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