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* LVS Windows
* The Window Class System
* Copyright 1991 (c), Lake View Software
* 4321 Harborough Rd.
* Columbus, OH 43220
* All rights reserved.


#include "LVSwin.HPP"

struct Menu_Selection_s
char *str; // selection string
int y,x; // position
int ret_val; // return value
int *check_ptr; // pointer to check variable WinCheck
char key; // User key
char *message; //
class WinMenu *sub_menu;
Menu_Selection_s *Next, *Prev;

enum Menu_Types {

class WinMenu:public WinObj
Menu_Selection_s *First, *Last, *Current;
int my_type;
int selections;
int bar_attr;
int key_attr;
int m_line;
int m_attr;
int map[4];
int menu_active;
int exit_status;
int last_position;
WinMenu *active_sub;
WinObj *m_win;
void show_get (Menu_Selection_s *sel, int highlight);
void mouse_routine (int y, int x);
void hide_submenu (WinMenu *m);
int search_sub (WinMenu *start_menu, int look_for);
WinMenu ();
~WinMenu ();

void set_type (int type);
int prompt (int y,int x,int ret_val,char *str,char *message=NULL,
char hot_key=0);
int prompt (int y, int x, int ret_val, char *str, char hot_key);
int prompt(int y, int x, WinMenu *sub, char *str, char *message=NULL,
char key=0);
int prompt (int y, int x, WinMenu *sub, char *str, char key);
void hide_chain (); // hide entire chain
int read (int start_sel = -1); // get menu
void reset (); // reset the menu system
void close ();
int set_barattr (int attr); // returns old value
int set_keyattr (int attr); // sets hot key attr
int message_line (int new_line_no); // returns old value
int message_attr (int new_attr); // returns old value


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Archive   : LVSWIN31.ZIP
Filename : LVSMENU.HPP

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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