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// Copyright (C) 1992 General Electric Company.
// Permission is granted to any individual or institution to use, copy, modify,
// and distribute this software, provided that this complete copyright and
// permission notice is maintained, intact, in all copies and supporting
// documentation.
// General Electric Company provides this software "as is" without
// express or implied warranty.
// Created: VDN 03/25/92 -- Initial design
// Updated: JAM 08/12/92 -- removed 'static' from static memb func def
// Shared is a mixin slot, which store the number of references and
// handles pointed at an object. Shared does not have a virtual destructor,
// and so the deletion of the object must be done by the caller of dereference.

#ifndef SHAREDH
#define SHAREDH

#ifndef MISCH
#include // for INVALID marker

class CoolShared {
inline CoolShared(); // Initialize ref_count=0
inline ~CoolShared(); // Destructor

inline int reference_count(); // query current ref_count
inline int reference(); // inc ref_count
inline int dereference(); // dec ref_count

static inline int reference(CoolShared* ptr); // noop if ptr=NULL
static inline int dereference(CoolShared* ptr);

int ref_count; // count of active references

// CoolShared() -- Default constructor initializes ref_count to 0

inline CoolShared::CoolShared()
: ref_count(0) {} // ref_count initially 0

// ~CoolShared -- Destructor is not virtual, so caller of dereference
// must call delete on object ptr, with correct type.

inline CoolShared::~CoolShared() {} // nothing

// reference_count() -- Query current ref_count

inline int CoolShared::reference_count() {
return ref_count;

// reference() -- increment ref_count and return new count.

inline int CoolShared::reference() {
return ++ref_count;

// dereference() -- decrement ref_count and return new count.

inline int CoolShared::dereference(){
return --ref_count;

// Check pointers first, noop if ptr == NULL.

inline int CoolShared::reference (CoolShared* ptr) {
if (ptr)
return ptr->reference();
return INVALID;

inline int CoolShared::dereference (CoolShared* ptr) {
if (ptr)
return ptr->dereference();
return INVALID;

#endif // SHAREDH