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GUI_LIB Library for Borland C++ and Turbo C++
Version 1.0

Congratulations! You have just received one of the finest graphics
libraries available for use with Borland C++ and Borland's Turbo C++
compilers. Using the GUI_LIB library will enable you to create
graphic based applications to run in DOS just as easily as creating
text based applications. The objects included in the library are all
familiar objects, found in many commercially available software
packages. They include pushbuttons, icons, text entry fields, and
bitmaps to name just a few. Some of the features in this library are
found nowhere else! Now you can harness the power and intuitiveness
of the Graphic User Interface for use in your applications. From
paint programs to databases, all of your programs can benefit from
the use of graphics.

Hopefully you will be reading this document before unzipping
the two .zip files in this package, GUI_LIB.ZIP and ICONEDIT.ZIP. These
are the instructions telling you in what directories to unzip these two

I highly recommend installing these files to a hard disk. Make
a subdirectory from the root directory and call it ICONEDIT. Do this with
the following commands. From the C:> prompt type:

md iconedit

There, that's done. Now copy copy the file ICONEDIT.ZIP into the
newly created ICONEDIT subdirectory and unzip it. To do this type:

copy c:\iconedit

Change to the ICONEDIT subdirectory:


And type:

pkunzip iconedit

All of the files associated with this program will be unzipped into
the ICONEDIT directory. All of these files must remain in the same directory
for the program to function properly.

After this is done repeat the above steps, only this time replace
the word ICONEDIT with GUI_LIB wherever it appears.

When finished you will have two new directories on your disk, one
called ICONEDIT with the ICONEDIT program files in it, and another called
GUI_LIB with the library files in it. There is a demo included that is in
the GUI_LIB directory. Have fun, and happy coding!

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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